DN482 Manuals
13. ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE Image Intensifier Tube _ _ Minimum Measured Operation Manual Resolution, lines/mm 30 Photocathode sensitivity, integral, 400 µ A/ lm Light amplification 20,000 Image Intensifier Tube Serial Number: _____________ Date of production: __________ QUALITY INSPECTOR SIGNATURE: ____________ NIGHT VISION RIFLE SCOPE __DN 482 __DN 483 Serial Number_________ corresponds to all technical specifications and is admitted for use. Date of production: _____________ Quality Inspector Signature: _____________ NIGHT VISION RIFLESCOPE Qu...

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NZT1-M2 Manuals
OPERATION MANUAL NIGHT VISION SCOPE NZT1M2 (CAMERA ADAPTABLE) IN USA: 2331 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114 IN CANADA: 105 Sparks Ave., Toronto, ON M2H 2S5 NEWCON™ INC. 1996 Printed in Canada CONTENTS 1 Important Information 1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION 2 Overview READ PRIOR TO ACTIVATION i) Application and Advantages of NZT1M2 ii) Warning You have just purchased a complicated electronic iii) Precautions 3 Components device. To operate it properly, please read this 4 Specifications manual carefully. Here are some common 5 Construction precautions ...

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