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T C r i O M N F S O U L M d e E D R : 1 B 0 R . 8 O 7 C 5 " H x U R 8 . E 5 " – T C R O i m V E F R l a t : 2 1 . 7 5 " x 8 . 5 " B l e e d : . 2 5 " L i v e _8_ : _0_ . 1 _0_ 8 7 " r 2 e b t o c O e t i v c f f e E S D R A O B T U O Y R U C R LOOK DEEPER E ® M N O O N E R G A E I T S I S N M G O E R Y E E B R OW S A CONST NOBOD T MERCURY ANTL , Y Y’S T WE T OUGHER ON AKE A Verado SixCylinder B AT T L E T F E R S O A T M N E D D L E S X S P E C TAT I O N S L E A D E R S LO O OUR ENGINES THAN WE 360DEGREE K F VIEW O R W OF FUEL PERFECTING PERFOR...

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24.8 R60 1.5(3x) 4.5 R26 2 10° 48.5 1.5(3x) 1.5 B R1(12x) A BIG PERFORMANCE FOR 42 24 24 130° 2 30 MIDSIZED OUTBOARDS R39.5 39.1° 7.5 ø42 R0.6 1.1 2.4 9 . 5 NOW FOR 4060 HORSEPOWER BIG TILLER KITS NONTILLER ENGINES PART NUMBER Big Tiller Manual (ELPT) 40 60 HP 879291A04 FourStroke* MERCURY® BIg TILLER for Throttle & Shift Kit 40 60 HP FourStroke 897978K04 40 60 HP MERCURY OUTBOARDS CONVERSION KIT FOR TILLER ENGINES PART NUMBER • Centermounted tiller offers • Convenient power trim switch Big Tiller Conversion Kit optimum control allows easy acce...

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STORAGE Storage Preparation The major consideration in preparing your outboard for storage is to protect it from rust, corrosion, and damage caused by freezing of trapped water. The following storage procedures should be followed to prepare your outboard for out of season storage or prolonged storage (two months or longer). ! CAUTION Never start or operate your outboard (even momentarily) without water circulating through all the cooling water intake holes in the gearcase to prevent damage to the water pump (running dry) or overheating of the e...

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