Bicycle 30442 Manuals
5) If the player is the dealer, the player is the second person to react to each round of betting during the hand (hole cards, flop, turn, and river). There NO.30442 are three scenarios after play passes from the computer to the player: COMPUTER CHECKS PLAYER HAS THE OPTION TO: CHECK – HAND CONTINUES TO THE NEXT ROUND OF PLAY WITHOUT EITHER PLAYER PLACING A BET. RAISE – PLACES A BET INTO THE POT. THE COMPUTER MUST CALL OR RERAISE FOR THE HAND TO CONTINUE. 8+ FOLD – ENDS THE PLAYER’S HAND AND THE COMPUTER WINS THE POT. COMPUTER RAISES PLAYER HAS...

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Clickables IM-21400B Manuals
No. 21400 Your jewelry box can accept up to 30 Clickables connections before it is full and must be downloaded online. Your jewelry box is full if you press the activation button and your jewelry box lights up, but no _AGES 7+_ music plays when a charm is properly connected. Clickables™ Fairy In this case, connect your jewelry box to your computer with the enclosed USB to download the stored Charms Bracelet charms. Once the download is complete, your jewelry box can accept more Clickables Charms or Tink EXPLORE THE ONLINE WORLD OF Points from t...

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Clickables Fairy Game Manuals
GAME 2: SILVERMIST AT THE SEASHORE _AGES 7+_ Clickables™ OBJECT: Collect sea shells and starfish before time runs out, but watch out for sea urchins and crabs! CONTROLS: Fairy Game LEFT BUTTON – Moves Silvermist left. RIGHT BUTTON Moves Silvermist right. UP BUTTON – Moves Silvermist up. DOWN BUTTON – Moves Silvermist down. EXPLORE THE ONLINE WORLD OF PIXIEHOLLOW.COM GAMEPLAY: 1. Use the directional pad to move over an object to collect it. 2. Collect sea shells and bonus starfish for points. BUTTON DESCRIPTION 1 3. Avoid sea urchins and crabs, ...

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