ZyXEL GS2200-24P Manuals

Key Features
The ZyXEL Gigabit Switch 2200 Series consists of three switches: the ZyXEL GS2200-24, 
GS2200-24P and GS2200-48.
 Advanced L2 switching features
The GS2200-24 and GS2200-24P deliver 24 port 100/1000Base-T, 100/1000Base-T PoE with 
4 GbE dual-personalities. The GS2200-48 is an intelligent high-density Layer-2 managed 
 56/100 Gbps non-blocking switch 
switch with 44 100/1000Base-T ports, 4 GbE dual-personality ports and 2 GbE SFP open slots. 
fabric (GS2200-24/24P: 56 Gbps, 
GS2200-48: 100 Gbps)

The 2200 Series provides high-performance and secure 100/1000 connectivity, access 
resiliency and security, as well as Traffic Management and QoS functionalities. Feature-rich 
4 Dual-personality (RJ-45/SFP) 
GbE interfaces

and easy-to-use, the 2200 Series is specially designed for branch offices or SME users.
 Port security and enhanced 
802.1x port authentication
 MAC freeze and intrusion lock
Key Benefits
 8 IEEE 802.1p hardware priority 
High performance switch architecture for SME
The ZyXEL 2200 Series incorporates a high-performance switching architecture that provides
 WFQ, WRR and SPQ queuing 
56/100 Gbps non-blocking switch fabric (GS2200-24/24P: 56 Gbps, GS2200-48: 100 Gbps), 41.7/74.4 million 
packets per-second forwarding rate (GS2200-24/24P: 41.7 Mpps, GS2200-48: 74.4 Mpps) and wire-speed 
 IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet 
performance to connect high performance desktop devices with resources at the heart of the network. For 
(GS2200-24P only)
branch offices and SME users, the 2200 Series enables the delivery of converged applications and adapts to 
changing business needs with flexible configurations. In addition, the ZyXEL 2200 Series is optimised for 
 PoE Power consumption mode for 
high-density Gigabit Ethernet deployments and is suitable for both the core and the edge of the network.
energy saving (GS2200-24P only)
Secure enhanced management functionality
The ZyXEL 2200 Series is easy to use and manage the applications that are needed to support the business 
and increase productivity. ZyXEL iStacking™ clustering management technology can manage devices 
across different floors and routing domains to locate other iStacking-capable switches in the same 
management cluster. This allows administrators to manage 24 switches with one single IP address. This 
greatly reduces operating costs and offers more flexible maintenance of ZyXEL Switches. IT staff can opt for 
the Web or command line interface to suit their needs, and even encrypt their instructions with SSHv1/v2 
and SSL. With these sophisticated functionalities, the IT staff is empowered to build a highly secure and 
efficient corporate network with minimum effort.
Future proof networking with minimum disruption 
The ZyXEL 2200 Series provides rich features including VLANs, CoS/QoS, Port Trunking, Rapid Spanning 
Tree, Security (Port Security and 802.1x authentication) and network management to meet evolving SME 
requirements. Meanwhile, it delivers the most cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet solution to empower Gigabit 
converged networking for branch offices and SME users.
Intelligent PoE for cost saving (GS2200-24P only)
ZyXEL’s Intelligent PoE features provide two power supply modes:
- Classification mode: the switch reserves the maximum power (W) to each powered device (PD) according 
to the priority levels.
- Consumption mode: the switch manages the entire power supply, so each connected PD gets the actual 
power it needs.
Enterprise LAN 
In the Consumption Mode, ZyXEL’s Intelligent PoE will reserve the required power automatically, and you 
can set power feeding priorities on different ports to get the best use of power resource. This capability can 
increase the number of devices connected and deliver a better ROI for the business.
The GS2200-24P provides a total power budget of up to 220 W as default. With the PPS250 external PoE 
Switch 2200 Series
power supply, the GS2200-24P can provide 15.4 W per port to 24 PoE ports simultaneously.

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