ZyXEL GS-1548 Manuals

Gigabit Web Managed Switch Empower 
“DoS Attack Preventive” and
“VoIP Friendly” Networks

48/96 Gbps Non-blocking   
Robust System Design
Auto DoS Attack Prevention
ZyXEL GS-1524/GS-1548 are 24/48-port L2 Gigabit switch with advanced Web-based management support, 
Auto VoIP
and it’s specially designed for SB/Enterprise networks where extra bandwidth and advanced QoS or 
security features are required. To cope with the diverse requirements of SB/Enterprise businesses, the ZyXEL 
Flexible 4 GbE Uplink Interfaces
GS-1524/GS-1548 Web-managed switch comes with 20/40 Gigabit copper ports plus 4 dual-personality (RJ-
IEEE 802.3ad Static Port  
45/SFP) Gigabit ports to provide 48/96 Gbps of non-blocking connectivity for SB/SMB networks. With the 
flexible multi-function design, GS-1524/GS-1548 fits any network with very little effort.
Streamlined Web-based    
Evolution New Managed Power 
While many legacy Web-based Smart switches improve manageability, configuration complexity is still an 
Port security
issue; for most SB/Enterprise, inadequate IT expertise and complicated configuration are the major 
IEEE 802.1p with 4 Priority   
concerns to overcome. Powered by the next-generation hardware platform with a content-aware engine, 
ZyXEL GS-1524/GS-1548 delivers stress-free networking. In addition, the streamlined and intuitive Web-GUI 
makes GS-1524/GS-1548 even easier to configure to slash the efforts needed.
WRR and SPQ Queuing  
Auto DoS Attack Prevention
Security is becoming increasingly important in SB/Enterprise networks. Equipped with Auto DoS Attack 
Prevention, the GS-1524/GS-1548 is capable of protection against ubiquitous DoS attacks. A few mouse 
clicks are all it takes to initiate the protection, complete the once-complicated ACL setting and reduce 
operating efforts dramatically. The GS-1524/GS-1548 supports 802.1Q VLAN for traffic isolation, as well as 
Static MAC forwarding and dynamic ARP to establish a strictly protected network.
Auto VoIP Optimization
Migration to VoIP is the key to differentiate business competitiveness. It usually requires IT expertise to 
optimize a network for VoIP applications. With emergence of the “Auto VoIP” feature, however, the GS-
Web Managed Switch
1524/GS-1548 can identify VoIP packet patterns and grant the highest priority to establish a VoIP-friendly 
communication automatically. “Auto VoIP” offers IP telephony without configuration headaches; features 
such as four priority queues and the WRR (Weighted Round Robin) scheduling algorithm are usually 
deployed on enterprise networks, allowing users to optimize network bandwidth usage and implement 
QoS (quality of service). In terms of bandwidth management and switch interconnections, users can choose 
from several options and pick the most appropriate with just a mouse click.

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