ZyXEL Dimension ES-2724 Manuals

Delivering Secure Converged 
SMB Networks

RIP, Static Routing Protocol Support
Delivering Secure Convergence within the SMB Network
Flexible 4 GbE Uplink Interfaces  
The ZyXEL ES-2724 is designed for SMB networks to realize multifunctional and flexible connectivity. 
Multilayer-aware (L2/L3/L4) ACL for  
In addition to L2 switching,  the ES-2724 offers L3 routing for specialized applications to be handled that 
makes the ES-2724 an one-device, cost-effective platform for a SMB to build a combined L2 switching and 
Port Security and Enhanced 802.1x  
L3 routing network. Moreover, the ES-2724 offers prioritization of applications such as VoIP and security 
with QoS configured through the ES-2724 network management tools.
MAC Freeze and Intrusion Lock
Backup Power System Support
Secure Multi-Service Delivery Quality
Multilayer-Aware (L2/L3/L4) ACL for  
To harness multiple services such as VoIP, video conferencing and video streaming in business 
environments, the ES-2724 is equipped with valued-added features for optimized traffic prioritization. 
IEEE 802.1p 8 Hardware Priority  
The combination of eight priority queues and the WFQ scheduling algorithm guarantees the quality of 
time-sensitive applications, while different services can be assigned to specific VLANs and configured with 
WFQ, WRR and SPQ Queuing   
different priorities for traffic management. The ES-2724 comes with Multi-layer ACLs that provides L2/L3/L4 
indicators for enforcing policy management on traffics.
Enhanced Multi-layer Security Protection
The ES-2724 is capable of strict security protection. For example, intrusion lock deters intruders while MAC 
freeze, static MAC forwarding and MAC filtering provides MAC address-based protection. 802.1Q VLAN 
divides the network traffic into different virtual LANs to protect business-critical information. Multi-layer 
ACL provides L2/L3/L4 indicators for policy management and security protection. In terms of access 
authentication, 802.1x supported for centralized management, and 802.1x further facilitates VLAN and 
bandwidth allocation.
24-port Managed L3 Fast 
Ethernet Switch 


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