x900-48 series Manuals

AlliedWareTM OS
How To | Configure QoS on AT-9900, x900-48, and x900-24 
Series Switches
This document describes some generic configuration examples for Quality of Service (QoS) 
on AT-9900 and x900 series switches running the AlliedWare OS.
What information will you find in this document?
This document provides information on the following sections:
"1. Setting the egress rate" on page 2                                                             
"2. Setting the priority on a packet" on page 7
"3. Setting the egress queues" on page 10
"Full QoS scenario 1: tiered services for a single customer" on page 13
"Full QoS scenario 2: bandwidth limiting of multiple customers" on page 18
Which product and software version does this information apply to?
This How To Note applies to the following Allied Telesis switches, running the AlliedWare 
OS software version 2.7.1 or later:
AT-9924SP, AT-9924T, AT-9924T/4SP
x900-48 series
x900-24 series
C613-16068-00 REV B

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