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How To | Configure Hardware Filters on AT-9900, x900-48, 
and x900-24 Series Switches
The AT-9900, x900-48, and x900-24 series switches support a powerful hardware based 
packet-filtering facility.
These switches can filter on a range of Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 packet attributes, and 
perform a variety of different actions on the packets that match the filters.
Because the filters are hardware-based, they put no load on the CPU of the switch, and have 
no affect on the throughput of the switch. It is possible to configure over 1000 different 
filters, and still have complete wire speed throughput on the switch.
The following configuration methods are available:
1. To filter traffic across all ports on the switch, create dedicated hardware filters. 
2. To filter traffic on a per-port basis, apply filtering actions to QoS flow groups or traffic 
This Note only describes method 1. Method 2 is described in How To Configure Filtering Actions 
on QoS Flow Groups and Traffic Classes
, available from www.alliedtelesis.com/resources/

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