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AlliedWare PlusTM
Advanced Gigabit Layer 3+ Expandable Switches 
Key Features
Quality of Service
2 x 60Gbps expansion bays
• Policy based QoS features
24 x 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45) copper ports
• Highly configurable traffic classification
• Layer 2 and 3 switching and routing at 
• Buffered multiple packet remarking options
at egress on all ports, and on each of 8
NEBS Compliant1
• Full IPv4 routing
egress queues per port
2 x 60Gbps expansion bays
• IPv6 routing option
• Two-rate three-color (green, yellow, red)
24 x 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45) copper ports
• Built from a 168Gbps switch fabric yielding
bandwidth metering
71.4 Million packets per second performance
• Low switching latency essential for Voice over IP
(VoIP) and real-time streaming media applications
2 x 60Gbps expansion bays
• Provides up to 256K IPv4 route entries
24 x 100/1000BASE-X SFP ports
• Supports full 4096 VLANs 
• Supports 4096 Layer 3 interfaces
• Stack multiple units with the XEM-STK2
• VLAN double tagging
• STP, RSTP, MSTP (802.1s) 
1 x 60Gbps expansion bay
• Private VLANs, providing security and port
• Port trunking (802.3ad LACP)
12 x combo ports (10/100/1000BASE-T
isolation of multiple customers using the
copper or SFP)
same VLAN
• Supports 10KB Jumbo frame size for data
Unmatched Flexibility
center and server aggregation applications
The x900 Layer 3+ switches have high-speed
• Gigabit SFP ports will support any
• Out of band 10/100/1000 Ethernet
60Gbps expansion bays which provide a high level
combination of 10/100/1000BASE-T,
management port and asynchronous
of port flexibility and application versatility
100BASE-X, or 1000BASE-X SFPs
management port, both on the front panel
unmatched by any other 1RU Gigabit Ethernet
• Extensive wire-speed traffic classification for
for ease of access
switch on the market.The expansion modules can
ACLs and QoS
• An SD memory card socket on the front
be used in a variety of configurations to provide
• Advanced routing protocols OSPF, BGP-4, RIP,
panel, allowing software release files,
tailored solutions that meet wide-ranging physical
configurations and other files to be stored for
networking requirements.
• DHCP Option 82
backup and distribution to other switches
• Wire-speed multicasting
• Port mirroring
• SSH and SNMPv3 for secure management
10GbE expansion modules and hot-swappable
XFPs provide high-speed, high-capacity fiber
Reliability and Future Proofing
• 802.1x support
• 60Gbps expansion bays support a choice of
• RMON (4 groups)
uplinks, with the option of either 10Gbps or
modules, including 1x 10GbE, 12 x 1GbE
20Gbps uplink capacity to the network core.
(SFP), 12 x 1GbE (RJ45), and stacking, for
Resiliency can be achieved by using 10GbE
port flexibility and application versatility
modules and MSTP (802.1s) for fast failover on link
• 1RU form factor, high port density and
failure.This is suitable for wiring closet aggregation
front-to-back cooling, ideal for high density
NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) is a series
of gigabit to the desktop links and aggregating
rack and wiring closet installations
of safety and conformance standards applied to
gigabit uplinks from other network switches.
• For the x900-24X: Eliminates the need for
telecommunications equipment in North America.
redundant power supplies by providing
AlliedWare Plus software release 5.2.1 supports
Ethernet Protected Switched Rings (EPSR) and
power supplies that are hot-swappable and
stacking of 2 x900-24X units. Support for more than 2
10 GbE modules allow several x900-24X
x900-24X units and the x900-12XT/S will be in a
switches to form a protected ring with sub
• Full environmental monitoring of PSUs, fans,
future release.
50ms failover.This feature is perfect for high
temperature and internal voltages, with
performance at the core of enterprise or
SNMP traps to alert network managers in
provider access networks.
case of any failure
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