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Architectural Series™
Architectural Finish Components
There are four dif ferent types of Architectural Finish Components available:
Micro-Perforated Metal Grille with Trim
Micro-Perforated Grille without Trim
Cloth Grille with Trim
Cloth Grille without Trim
All four types of Architectural Finish Components can be painted to match the wall or ceiling sur face. Contact
your Sonance Authorized Architectural Series Dealer/Installer for more information about painting
Architectural Finish Components. 
Performing Adjustments
Sonance Architectural Series Speakers’ pivoting drivers and midrange/tweeter level adjustments are located
on the speaker baf fle, behind the Architectural Finish Component. (On Z8F models the level adjustments are
located behind the fascia.) These adjustments should have been per formed by the Sonance Authorized
Architectural Series Dealer/Installer before you took deliver y of your speakers. Because proper installation of
the Architectural Finish Component is critical to the overall look of the finished speaker installation, Sonance
recommends that you not attempt to remove the Architectural Finish Component to per form these adjustments
If you change the room’s seating arrangement (which may require that the drivers be re-pivoted), or if you
change the room’s decor (which may require a change in the midrange/tweeter level adjustments), Sonance
recommends that you contact your Sonance Authorized Architectural Series Dealer/Installer. If you are unable
to contact your Architectural Series Dealer/Installer, contact the Sonance Technical Assistance Depar tment on
any business day at (800) 582-0772 or (949) 492-7777 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific Time. They will instruct
you on how to proceed. 
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