WKC Series Manuals

   8610 Production Avenue l San Diego, California 92121 l  (858) 566-7465 l Fax (858) 566-1943
(USA Only)
Thank you for choosing a BREEZAIRE cooling unit.  We believe our products are the best
on the market and will provide many years of trouble free service.
Please take a few minutes and read the entire instruction before beginning the installation.
Before removing the cooling unit from the box, please inspect for damage, which might have
occurred during shipping.  If damage is found, notify the Freight Company immediately.
BREEZAIRE is not responsible for any damages during shipping.
MODEL                                         .  SERIAL NUMBER                                           .
INSTALLED BY                                                           .  DATE                                 .
While great effort has been made to provide accurate guidelines, BREEZAIRE cannot warrant its units to properly cool a particular enclosure.  Customers are cautioned that
enclosure construction, unit location and many other factors can affect the operation and performance of the unit.  Therefore the suitability of the unit for a specific enclosure or
application must be determined by the customer and cannot be warranted by  BREEZAIRE.
BREEZAIRE Products Company - 8610 Production Avenue - San Diego, CA USA 92121 - (858) 566-7465

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