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For your nearest Authorized Servicenter
call toll-free in the U.S.A.
Canadian Consumers Р
Your toll free numbers are:
English:  1-800-522-0338
French:  1-800-522-0445
If you would like a copy of this manual in French, please follow the
instructions below:
Si un livret d’instructions en français n’est pas inclus avec votre appareil, vous
pouvez en obtenir un (indiquer le numéro de modèle, votre nom, et votre
adresse) en vous adressant à:
Thomson Consumer Electronics
Attention:  Canadian Operations
P.O. Box 0944
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0944
If your VCR needs service, please contact your dealer
or the nearest Servicenter from the yellow pages.
Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis
address listed in this manual or on the carton.  This
will only add delays in service for your product.
10330 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN  46290-1024
©1996 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc.
Trademark(s)¨ Registered
Marca(s) Registrada(s)
Printed in Singapore
Part Number 96-VR688HF-1

Document Outline

  • Table of Contents
  • Important Information
    • Warnings
    • Cautions
    • Note To Cable TV Installer
    • Product Registration
  • Hooking Up the VCR
    • Choosing a Hookup
    • Antenna or Cable System Without a Cable Box
    • Cable System With Cable Box to Unscramble All Channels
    • Cable System With Cable Box to Unscramble Pay Channels
    • Satellite Receiver
    • Connecting Two VCRs for Copying Tapes
  • Setting Up the VCR
    • Startup
  • Using the Remote Control
    • Component, VCR, TV, Cable Box, and Satellite Receiver Buttons
    • Using the VCR2 DVD Button
    • Controlling a TV
    • Controlling a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver
    • Controlling an Auxiliary RCA Component
  • Playing a Tape
    • Operating Instructions
    • Using the Playback Features
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