VOD8512 P Manuals

• 8.5 Inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix
Congratulations on your purchase of the Audiovox VOD8521
DVD Player with Drop-Down Video /Monitor.  The VOD8521 has
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Monitor
been designed to give you and your family many years of video
entertainment in the mobile environment.  Please read the
• OSD (On Screen Display) for Control of Picture
directions that follow to familiarize yourself with the product and
Quality and Functions
to ensure that you obtain the best results from your equipment.
Please note: Installation options vary, see the individual owner’s
    Optional TV Tuner*
manuals for each component in your system to obtain a full
• Full Function Remote Control
understanding of each component’s operation.
• Infrared Transmitter for IR Wireless Headphones.
Safety Precaution
• Two Audio / Video Inputs (AV1/AUX)
For safety reasons, when changing video media it is
• Built-in DVD Player
recommended that the vehicle is not in motion, and that you do
• Two Headphone Jacks
not allow children to unfasten seat-belts to change video media
or make any adjustments to the system.  System adjustments
• Built-in Five Frequency Wireless FM Modulator
can be accomplished using the remote control, while seat-
(**Optional Relay Box)
belts remain fastened.  Enjoy your Audiovox entertainment
system but remember the safety of all passengers remains the
• Forward and Side Remote Sensor
number one priority.
• Dome Lights with 3-Position Switch
• Backlit Controls for Low Light Operation
    Last Position Memory for DVD

* Audiovox P/N PODTVT
** Audiovox P/N SIRSWB
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