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How to Make a Bag from a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Roll
Marinating with  your FoodSaver® Appliance
Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing (continued)
Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing
Lift Roll Cutter
Slide Cutter
Your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System has a special
   Always leave at least one inch (2.54 centimeters) of 
11.  If appliance does not function, or Seal button (C) flashes to 
f.  Check to ensure Release Buttons (K) are
Tips on Removing Air from a Bag
If motor runs for more than 30 seconds without
Quick Marinate Cycle which will last about ten minutes.
space between contents and top of rim. 
signal ERROR:
properly latched.
Avoid wrinkles when inserting the bag into the 
stopping, consider the following: 
The vacuum motor will “hold” the vacuum for several
g.  Check Foam Gasket (M) around Drip Tray to make sure 
If you are vacuum sealing with a bag, make sure the 
2.  Make sure rubber gasket underneath lids as well as 
a.  Check power cord to see if it is firmly plugged into an 
Vacuum Channel (E). 
minutes then release the vacuum allowing the food to
electrical outlet.
it is free from food material and is properly inserted 
bag is properly sealed (See “How to Make a Bag From a 
rim of marinating canister is free from food materials.
Wrinkles in seal may cause leakage and allow air to 
“rest” for 30 seconds. This process will then repeat
b.  Examine power cord for any damages.
into gasket channel.
return into bag. To eliminate any wrinkles while
Roll”). Check foam gasket around Drip Tray to make sure 
two more times. This “Pulsing” action of “vacuuming
3.  Make sure Accessory Hose is securely inserted into 
c.  See if electrical outlet is working by plugging in 
h.  Check Upper Gasket (Q) around Upper Bag Detection
inserting bag into the vacuum channel (E), hold bag with 
it is free from food material and is properly inserted into 
and resting” will allow for quicker marinating. When the 
port on the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator lid.
another appliance. 
Tray (P) to be sure it is free from food material.
two hands gently stretching bag flat until vacuum pump 
gasket channel. 
Quick Marinate Cycle is completed the appliance will 
i.  If overheated, allow appliance to cool for 20 minutes.
4. Make sure knob on accessory lid is set to OPEN.
d.  Check to be certain the Upper Bag Detection Tray (P)
begins. If you find wrinkles after sealing bag, simply cut 
If vacuum sealing with an accessory, check Accessory 
beep to signal marinating is complete. 
is properly inserted.
j.  For more usage tips and safety information, please 
bag open and vacuum seal again.
Hose connections to ensure a tight fit.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
The FoodSaver® Quick Marinator Canister is the perfect 
5. Make sure lid is firmly attached to marinator base.
e.  Make sure bag is placed correctly inside Vacuum 
refer to the FoodSaver® Reference Guide or visit our 
FoodSaver® Accessory for marinating foods. Foods will 
6. Press Marinate button  
website at www.foodsaver.com.
3  on the control panel.
Channel (E). (See How to Vacuum Seal with FoodSaver® 
1.  Open appliance door and place roll into Roll Storage 
4. Press Seal Button (C). Red seal light will illuminate.
marinate in minutes when vacuum sealed because 
Vacuum Sealing Bags)
Compartment (H). For Best results, insert roll with 
5.  Using two hands, insert open end of bag into 
the vacuum process opens the pores of the food and 
7.  Your FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System will now 
material flap down. Note: Bags can be sealed with 
Vacuum Channel (E) until clamp motor starts. Bag 
absorbs the marinade more quickly. 
begin the Quick Marinate Cycle. The Marinate 
Tips on Using PulseVac
FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Accessories
™ Control Feature 
5.  Push and hold the PulseVac™ Button  8  . The vacuum 
appliance door either open or closed.
must be centered between arrows.
Indicator Light will flash to indicate the marinating 
(This special feature is not available on all V3800 models)
pump will run when the PulseVac Button is held down. 
2.  Lift up Bag Cutter Bar (i) and place bag material 
process has begun.
6.  When red seal light  11  turns off, sealing is 
Important Note: Use the FoodSaver® Quick Marinating 
Use the PulseVac™ Control feature to manually control the 
Release the PulseVac™ Button to stop the vacuum
beneath the cutter bar (See Fig.1).
complete. You may remove bag from the 
Canister with clear lid and large white knob. During the 
8.  During the initial vacuum cycle the Marinate Mode 
vacuum process and avoid crushing delicate items.
process. This will allow you to adjust the contents of the 
3.  Pull out enough bag material to hold item being 
Vacuum Channel (E).
Quick Marinate Cycle, make sure knob on accessory lid 
Indicator will illuminate. While Marinating, the 
bag for better control of the vacuum sealing process.
Accessory Hose Reel
How to Open FoodSaver®
1.  Place item(s) in bag, allowing at least 
 Vacuum Sealing
3 inches 
vacuum packed, plus 4 inches (10.16 centimeters). 
is set to OPEN. Do not set knob to Vacuum. The 
Vacuum Progress Display will blink during the 
7. You now have one sealed end.
Repeat pushing the PulseVac™ Button until desired 
(7.62 centimeters) of space between bag contents and
1.  Prepare container according to FoodSaver® 
Accessories after Vacuum Sealing
Lower the Cutter Bar and slide Bag Cutter (i) across 
Vacuum position on the knob will allow the Quick 
Vacuum Hold or Rest Cycle.
amount of air has been removed. 
8.  Now you are ready to vacuum seal with your new bag 
top of bag.
Accessory Guidelines.
the Cutter Bar (See Fig.2).
Marinating Canister to be used for extending
NOTE: If the vacuum pump stops engaging after several 
(See below).
vacuum storage. 
9.  To preserve food safely, after completing the 
2.  Press the PulseVac™ button  8  . PulseVac™ LED  will 
FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Canisters
pushes of the PulseVac
2.  Pull Accessory Hose (F) from appliance and Insert the
™ Button, it means the maximum 
marinating cycle, the appliance will signal with 
flash to indicate PulseVac™ mode.
(without large knob on lid)
vacuum has been reached. Do not continue to push the 
end into the port on accessory. Twist tab while inserting 
1.  Prepare enough of your favorite marinade to fully 
short beeps to indicate your Quick Marinate Cycle is 
to ensure a tight fit.  
3.  Press appropriate Speed Setting Button   
To release vacuum and open, push gray rubber button on lid.
5   – Normal 
PulseVac™ Button.
cover food inside a marinating canister. 
completed. Press any button to silence the signal. 
How to Vacuum Seal with FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing Bags
or Gentle.
You may now cook or refrigerate your marinated food. 
6.  Press Seal Button  9  to seal the bag and end the 
3.  Push Canister Vacuum Button  4   to begin vacuum
process. Motor will run until vacuum process is complete. 
4.  Insert open end of bag into Vacuum Channel (J).
PulseVac™ mode. 
Quick Marinators (with large knob on lid) and Universal Lids
(To Marinate, follow instructions found in Marinate Button 
Optional Bag Storage
Insert Bag
The clamp will close to secure the bag.
Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing
7.  When the red Seal Indicator Light  11  turns off, remove 
To release vacuum and open, turn knob counterclockwise on 
section of this Quick Start Guide).
bag. Refrigerate or freeze if needed.
lid to open.
4.  When motor turns off, gently twist and remove Accessory 
Hose from accessory.
General Tips
Tips on Sealing a Bag
How to Prevent moisture or liquid from being pulled into the 
FoodSaver® Jar Sealer with Mason Jars
Note: if you are using a canister with large white knob, 
For use with Ball® and Kerr® brand Mason jars.
When making a bag from a roll:
Drip Tray (O) or getting trapped in the seal:
rotate knob clockwise to the “Closed” position, then gently 
Tips for Successful Vacuum Sealing
4.  To avoid overfilling, always leave at least 3 inches 
To release vacuum and open, wedge spoon between Mason 
Press the Seal Button (C) before placing bag material into
Either pre-freeze moist food such as raw meat for 1-2 hours 
twist and remove Accessory Hose from accessory.
jar lid and highest part of threaded rim. Twist spoon gently 
1.  Vacuum sealing is NOT a substitute for the heat process of 
(7.62 centimeters) of bag material between bag contents 
the Vacuum Channel (E). Once bag in inserted the Seal
before vacuum sealing, or place a folded paper towel between 
5.  To test vacuum, simply tug on accessory lid. It should 
to release vacuum.
canning. Perishables still need to be refrigerated or frozen.
and top of bag. Then leave at least one additional inch 
process will begin immediately.
food and end of bag to absorb excess liquids. Be sure to leave 
(2.54 centimeters) of bag material for each time you plan 
not move. 
Note: If you forget to press the Seal Button (C) before
at least 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) between paper towel and 
IMPORTANT:  Do NOT use screw bands when vacuum sealing jars.
2.  For best results, use FoodSaver® brand Bags, Canisters
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
to reuse bag.
inserting the bag into the Vacuum Channel (E), the vacuum 
end of bag so that bag seals properly with paper towel inside 
6.  To retract accessory hose, while holding unit, gently pull 
and Accessories.
5.  Do not create your own side seams for a FoodSaver® brand 
pump will turn on, this is not a problem, simply press the
and is not positioned in between the seal area.
on hose end to allow hose to retract into appliance
FoodSaver® Lunch and Leftover and Sandwich and 
3.  During the vacuum sealing process, small amounts of 
housing. Do not release freely as it may damage the
1.  Begin with a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System Bag 
5.  When red Seal Light  11  turns off, remove bag. 
Bag. Our bags are manufactured with a special side seam, 
Seal Button to prevent the pump from running continuously,
Make sure appliance has time to cool down.
Snack Containers
liquids, crumbs or food particles can be inadvertently 
hose tip.
(or create a bag as described in the “How to Make a 
Refrigerate or freeze if needed. (See FoodSaver® 
which is sealed all the way to the outer edge.
and the sealing process will begin.
Wait at least 20 seconds between seals. Under very heavy 
pulled into Drip Tray (O), clogging the pump and 
Attach the supplied adapter to the accessory hose and place 
usage, appliance will stop operating to prevent overheating. 
Bag from a Roll” section above).
Reference Guide for food safety tips.) Note: Wait at 
Important: When pulling hose Do Not extend beyond green 
damaging your appliance.
6.  To prevent wrinkles in a seal when vacuum sealing bulky 
the adapter over the vacuum valve of the Container lid. While 
If it does, wait 20 minutes to allow appliance to cool off.
least 20 seconds between seals to allow appliance 
circle marked on hose.
items, gently stretch bag flat while inserting into the
Place item(s) in bag, allowing at least 3 inches of 
applying downward pressure to the adaptor, press the Canister 
To prevent this, follow these tips:
to properly cool.
vacuum channel and hold until pump begins.
space between bag contents and top of bag.
Note: For important tips on using accessories with different 
Button. Once the air has been removed from the Container, the 
    a.  For moist and juicy foods: Freeze first and avoid
6.  See page 7 for information on the Pre-cut Bag Storage 
7.  If you are unsure your bag was sealed properly, simply 
foods, please refer to the FoodSaver® Reference Guide.
Sealer will automatically turn off.
3.  Using two hands, insert open end of bag into Vacuum 
Tips on Using the Intergrated Bag Opener 
Note: Bags that previously contained fruits, vegetable and 
overfilling bags. You can also place a folded paper
(Shown in Fig. 4). This accessory is not included with 
reseal bag.
Channel (E) until clamp motor starts (See Fig.3). The 
The Bag Opener is a handy and convenient way to open 
dry goods can be resealed. Bags that contained raw meats, 
towel inside top of bag, and below seal area, before
vacuum progress lights will illuminate.
all units. 
8.  When you are vacuum sealing items with sharp edges
sealed bags.
fish eggs or unpasteurized cheese should be discarded 
FoodSaver® Bottle Stoppers
vacuum sealing.
Pre-cut bag storage (as shown in Fig. 4, pg.4)
(dry spaghetti, silverware, etc.), protect bag from punctures 
4.  Continue to hold bag until vacuum pump starts. You 
To Use:
after use becase they may contain invisible bacteria that 
To release vacuum and open, simply pull up on Bottle Stopper.
    b.  For soups, sauces and liquids: Freeze first and avoid 
Some models include a storage tray for precut bags.
by wrapping item in soft cushioning material, such as a 
will remain after washing.
may now release bag. Note: To prevent crushing 
overfilling bags. Or, use a canister in refrigerator.
1.  Press Bag Opener to extend (press again to retract Bag 
Attach the precut storage tray to the back of the housing
Always unplug appliance before cleaning.
paper towel. You may want to use a canister or Mason jar 
delicate items, you may press Seal Button (C) at any 
Opener for storage).
Fold Bag
Pull Through Cutter
by aligning the four tabs into the corresponding slots of
    c.  For powdery or fine-grained foods: Avoid overfilling bags 
instead of a bag.
time to begin automatic sealing process.
the back of the appliance housing. Once aligned, gently 
or use a canister. You can also place a coffee filter or 
2.  Fold end of bag to create a loop (as shown in Fig.5)
9.  When using accessories, remember to leave one inch 
press storage tray downward until the storage tray clicks 
paper towel inside before vacuum packaging.
with the sealed bag so the Heat Sealed area is above
(2.54 centimeters) of space at top of canister or container. 
into place.
the cutter.
    d. Empty drip tray (O) after each use.
10.  Pre-freeze fruits and blanch vegetables before vacuum 
For information on how to purchase the pre-cut bag storage, 
3.  Hold bag taught with two hands and pull bag through the 
sealing for best results. See FoodSaver® Reference Guide 
please visit our website at www.foodsaver.com.
cutter (See Fig. 6).
included with your appliance for more information.
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
(continued on next page)
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