USB Notebook Light ULT31440 Manuals

USB Notebook Light
Ultra USB Notebook Light
Need some extra guidance? Now you can shed some light right 
from your notebook PC.You just plug this handy, flexible light to 
your USB port and illuminate your keyboard or nearby area. You 
will find the Ultra USB Notebook Light handy when utilizing your 
laptop during a presentation, at night or in a dark space so as not 
to disturb anyone nearby. Easily portable and flexible for your 
convenience, you can add some brightness wherever you go.
USB Notebook Light
Master Pack
Part #: ULT31440
Qty: 100 Weight: 22 lbs.
UPC#:  022769314402
Dimensions: 15.35x12.2x20.08"
Weight: 1 lb. Dimensions: 10x4x2"

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