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USB Flash Drives
FlyDrive USB Flash Drives.
Ultra’s new FlyDrive USB flash drive series brings high-data 
transfer rates and plenty of storage to your digital artillery.  These 
sleekly designed USB flash drives come in an assortment of 
capacities – 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.  You can practically carry 
an entire office’s worth of paperwork, along with images and 
other data on an Ultra FlyDrive USB flash drive.  Perfect if you’re 
highly mobile.  Wherever you fly, you can take the Ultra FlyDrive 
USB flash drive with you! 
· Sizes Available:
   - 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
· Colors Available:
   - Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow
· High Speed USB 2.0
Special Added Bonus
· Pre-Loaded Software:
   - CA Anti-Virus 2007 Home Protection Pack
· 1 Year Free Virus Updates
· A $49.99 Value for FREE!
512 MB Flydrive USB Flash Drive
Color: Yellow
Part #: ULT40002
UPC#: 022769400020
1 GB Flydrive USB Flash Drive
Color: Blue
Part #: ULT40003
UPC#: 022769400037
2 GB Flydrive USB Flash Drive
Color: Grey
Part #: ULT40004
UPC#: 022769400041
4 GB Flydrive USB Flash Drive
Color: Black
Part #: ULT40005
UPC#: 022769400051

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