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Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Process
The Indirect Cooling Module
In the indirect cooling stage, entering air is cooled along a horizontal 
Outside air is drawn into the ICM. A fan 
humidity ratio line on the Psychrometric Chart (A to B) without adding 
draws air through the inside of vertical fi ns 
moisture. In the next cooling stage, this air is further cooled along a new 
(which have water running inside them). The 
wet-bulb line (B 
air picks up heat and is expelled from the 
to C), resulting in 
ICM while the fi ns are cooled by evaporation. 
a lower dry-bulb 
Other outside air is drawn across the outside 
temperature of 
surfaces of the cooled fi ns, and is cooled 
leaving air than 
without coming in contact with water. This 
can be achieved 
cooled air, with no humidity added, then 
with single stage 
enters the direct evaporative section of the 
direct evaporative 
Industrial MasterCool for fi nal cooling.
cooling alone. 
Typical Confi gurations
Many confi gurations of 2-Stage Industrial MasterCool are possible. 
Typical fi eld-assembled components include 2 or 3 Indirect Cooling 
Modules with Models MD/MS524 and 4 or 6 ICM’s with models MD/MS/
MU628 Contact your 
local MasterCool 
representative for 
assistance in sizing.
Models shown with 
three ICM’s at each 
inlet location.
2-Stage Indirect/Direct
Evaporative Cooling
Computer Aided Sizing
2-Stage cooling allows you to use energy-saving 
The sizing method described in this brochure can be used 
evaporative cooling technology for design conditions 
for general sizing of direct evaporative Industrial MasterCool 
where direct evaporative cooling alone is not adequate. 
A 2-stage cooler results in greater cooling power, less 
affected by higher ambient temperature and humidity.
For more accurate sizing, and for sizing indirect/direct units, 
we recommend the use of KoolKalk... an IBM compatible 
In the indirect cooling stage, outside entering air
computer program designed specifi cally for AdobeAir 
is cooled sensibly reducing its total enthalpy. This 
Evaporative Coolers. For more information please visit the 
“precooled” air is then evaporatively cooled in the direct 
AdobeAir, Inc. website at
cooling stage, approaching its new, lower
wet-bulb temperature.
The end result is discharge temperatures near or
even slightly below the wet-bulb temperature.
More importantly, these lower discharge temperatures 
translate into customer comfort at a fraction of the cost 
of refrigerated air conditioning.
With its substantial increase in cooling capacity, the 
indirect/direct 2-stage Industrial MasterCool can replace 
mechanical refrigeration in many applications.

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