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Direct Evaporative Cooling Process
MasterCool Evaporative Media
Direct evaporative cooling exchanges sensible heat for latent heat, 
MasterCool evaporative media is constructed 
and follows upward along a constant wet-bulb temperature line on the 
of special cellulose material, impregnated with 
insoluble anti-rot salts and rigidifying saturants. 
Chart. The result 
The cross-fl uted design continually directs 
is a dry-bulb 
water to the air-entering side, inducing a highly 
temperature of 
turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum 
the leaving air 
heat and moisture transfer.
(B) approaching 
the wet-bulb 
temperature of the 
entering air (A).
Standard and Hi-Performance Models
The fl exibility of modular components allows selection of CFM and 
saturation effi ciencies producing the sensible heat capacities needed to 
meet design requirements. For 
many applications, our standard 
8” media continues to be an 
economical choice, with an 80% 
saturation effi ciency at 450 FPM. 
For more demanding design 
conditions, our 12” media offers 
90% effi ciency at around 450 
Direct Evaporative Cooling
Comfort Levels
Put simply, whenever water is evaporated, heat
Not only does evaporative cooling lower the temperature 
is absorbed. This basic principle underlies the design 
in the space to be cooled, it also lowers the temperature 
of the MasterCool direct evaporative cooler.
you feel. Rapid air movement produced by the 
MasterCool increases skin evaporation which causes you 
High Quality Construction
to feel 3-5° effectively cooler than the temperature read 
from a thermometer. Evaporative cooling can provide 
Hot-dipped galvanized steel, welded for maximum 
effective temperatures acceptable in most commercial/
strength is combined with our exclusive POLYBOND® 
industrial applications throughout the world. 
fi nish that protects the whole system – cabinet 
pans, distributor covers, louvers, and all other parts 
contacting water. The electrostatically applied 
Typical Applications
polyester epoxy powder-based coating is cured at high 
The Industrial MasterCool is used for area cooling or 
temperature and is so durable that these models are 
spot cooling. In many areas it can replace or supplement 
backed by the best warranty in the industry.
mechanical refrigeration needs in agricultural, 
institutional, commercial, and industrial applications. 
Energy Efficient...
Applications such as kitchens, laundries, gymnasiums, 
heat treating areas, and dry cleaning plants requiring 
Environmentally Friendly
large quantities of fresh air moving through the building 
With no compressors or condensors, MasterCool 
are ideal candidates for evaporative cooling. 
evaporative coolers offer signifi cant energy savings 
over mechanical refrigeration units; and, with no
CFC’s, do not contribute to depletion of the ozone 
layer. Their air washing effect improves indoor air 
quality with fresh, fi ltered air constantly brought into 
the cooled space...forcing stale air out. 

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