Ultima 80 Manuals

Assembling Your Telescope 
1)   Your Celestron  telescope should include all of the following: 
a.  Tripod with center support bracket   
b.  Telescope tube with tube rings attached 
c.  Equatorial mount head 
d.  Two 1 ¼" eyepieces 
e.  90˚ star diagonal 
f.  5x24 Finderscope 
g.  3x Barlow Lens 
h.  5# Counterweight  
i.  Counterweight bar 
j.  Two slow motion cables 
k.  Eyepiece accessory tray 
l.  The Sky CD rom 
To set up the tripod, spread the legs outward until they are fully extended. Extend the center portion of each of 
the three tripod legs down 6-8". Use the three tightening screws located at the bottom of each leg to secure the 
extended legs in place. 
Place the accessory tray on top of tripod's center leg brace. Thread the tray's threaded post into the threaded 
hole in the center of the leg brace.  
Locate the equatorial mount and place the base of the mount through the hole in the center of the tripod 
mounting platform. From underneath the tripod mounting platform,  thread the mounting bolt with washer into 
the threaded hole on the bottom of the equatorial mount. 
Thread the latitude adjustment screws into the equatorial mount until both screws are touching the inside of the 
mount and the mount can no longer pivot up and down. 
Locate the counterweight bar and counterweight. Thread the threaded end of the counterweight bar into the Dec 
axis of the equatorial mount. Remove the safety screw and washer from the other end of the counterweight bar. 
Loosen the counterweight locking bolt so that the screw is no longer obstructing the center hole of the 
counterweight. Slide the counterweight half way up the counterweight bar and tighten the locking screw to 
secure the counterweight in place. Thread the safety screw and washer on to the end of the counterweight bar.   
Slide the chrome end of the slow motion control cables onto the equatorial 
mount gear shaft. See Figure 1. The longer cable should attach to the Right 
Ascension axis and the shorter cable attaches to the Declination axis. 
Remove the wing nuts from the threaded post at the bottom of the tube ring. 
Place the telescope tube on top of the equatorial mount so that the threaded 
posts slide through the holes on the equatorial mount.  The declination slow 
motion cable should extend towards the focuser end of the telescope tube. 
Replace the wing nut and tighten to hold the telescope in place. 
Remove the plastic cap covering the end of the focuser.  Loosen the set screw 
on the focuser so that it does not obstruct the inner diameter of the focuser. 
Figure 1 
Insert the chrome barrel of the star diagonal into the focuser and tighten the set 
Loosen the set screw on the star diagonal so that it does not obstruct the inner diameter of the barrel. Insert the 
chrome barrel of the 20mm eyepiece into the diagonal and tighten the set screw. See Figure 2. 

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