UB-T781 Manuals

Operating Instructions
(For Basic Operations)
Electronic Board
(elite Panaboard)
Model No. UB-T781
Stand is sold separately.
Installation Manual Included (for qualified service personnel)
• To assemble this unit, please refer to the Installation Manual on pages 37 through 60.
• Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely and keep them carefully for future 
• This unit is designed for installation by a qualified servicing dealer.
Installation performed by non-authorized individuals could cause safety-related problems with the operation of 
this equipment.
For U.S.A. only:
• To locate the closest authorized dealer in your area, please call 1-800-449-8989.

Document Outline

  • Table of Contents
  • For Your Safety
    • For Your Safety
    • For Users
    • Safety Information (For United Kingdom Only)
    • Precautions
    • Warning Label
  • Usage
    • Included Accessories
    • Names and Uses of the Parts
    • Connecting External Components
    • Installing the elite Panaboard software
    • Setting the Projector
    • Setting Your System (Calibration)
    • Starting the elite Panaboard software and Performing Calibration
    • Uninstalling the elite Panaboard software
    • Viewing the Electronic Documentation
    • Download the Latest Software
  • Appendix
    • Daily Care
      • Cleaning the elite Panaboard
      • Replacing the Battery in the Electronic Pen
      • Replacing the Penpoint of the Electronic Pen
    • Troubleshooting
    • Specifications
      • Supplies & Accessories
  • Installation Manual
    • Installation Manual (for qualified service personnel)
    • For Your Safety
      • Notice
    • Included Accessories
    • Wall Mounting Construction
      • Checking the Wall
      • Installing the Wall Mounting Plates
      • Wall Types and Installation Procedures
    • Stand Assembly (Sold Separately)
      • Included Parts
      • Assembly Instructions
    • Assembly Instructions
      • Preparing for Removing the elite Panaboard from Its Packaging
      • Assembling the elite Panaboard
    • Confirming the elite Panaboard Operation
      • Confirming the Interactive Features
    • Repackaging
    • Attaching the Install-Free Kit (Sold Separately)
      • Attaching the Install-Free Kit

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