TP-02 Manuals

TP-02 Triplate with Integrated Table 
Product Overview 
Performance  The TDK TP-02 Triplate is an E-field 
generator designed to perform EMC measure-
ments according to SAE and other automotive 
component test regulations.  The Triplate has a 
linear response in the operating range of DC to 
500 MHz with extended operation to 1 GHz.  
The feed section is designed to handle high pow-
Data Sheet  er.   Integrated Test Table  The TP-02 Triplate is of-
fered with an integrated test table. The test table is 
supplied wtih a ground plane that is bonded to the 
bottom section of the triplate. The test table is 
mounted on casters and features a unique folding 
design which allows the triplate to be easily 
moved. The support assembly is constructed of 
wood and fiberglass. 
Excellent linear response 
The TDK TP-02 Triplate and integrated table is 
Designed to SAE specifications 
specifically designed to generate fields for 
Capable of handling high power 
EMC testing in automotive component test en-
Integrated test table 
Immunity measurements to automotive test reg-
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