TiltTrigger Pro-SQ Manuals

Brackets for Square Format Cameras
Our most advanced square-format bracket.
The Pro-SQ is identical to the
Pro-SQ Specifications
Pro-RL, except it has a fixed, non-
Net Weight: 29 oz.
rotating camera platform. It offers the
Bracket Height: 14"
same handling speed and ease of
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance:
use. The bracket is supported
Adjustable from 11"-18"
comfortably with your left hand,
leaving your right hand free to
Includes: 1/4"-20 mounting knobs
operate all camera and bracket
for camera and flash, cork base pad
functions. The use of a cable release
Suggested Accessories: Camera
is not required.
Anti-Twist Plates, Flash Mounts,
In addition to accepting all
Camera and Flash Quick Releases
square-format cameras, the Pro-SQ
Catalog Number: 310-705
is also the bracket of choice for
Mamiya RB/RZ.
Ultra-compact bracket for
Hasselblad and Bronica SQA.
• Flash is centered high over the
The QR66 was developed to the specifications of
lens, eliminating side-shadows and
celebrity wedding photographer Denis Reggie.
“red-eye,” for better lighting.
This bracket is for those who want all the
• Exclusive, one-hand
advantages and control of over-the-lens flash
TiltTrigger™ lets you
positioning with the least bracket bulk and weight.
set the flash angle to
Elegantly simple, rugged and practical.
any of 12 click-stop
positions, from
close-up to bounce.
• For Hasselblad and
Just squeeze and
Bronica SQA
twist to set.
with or without
• One-handed, instant
Speed Grip.
flash height adjustment.
• Bracket incorporates a
You can position the flash
camera anti-twist system, so a
11" to 18" above the lens
separate anti-twist plate isn't needed.
by simply twisting a knob
• Integral QR (Quick-Release) Plate
and lifting the flash arm.
mates to optional QR Receiver,
QR66 Specifications
 • Unique “kickstand”
allowing the bracket and tripod to be
pivots out to safely support
Net Weight: 11.4 oz.
attached or detached instantly.
and stabilize the bracket
Bracket Height: 10"
• Flash angle adjustable for
when set on a table or
Nominal Lens-to-Flash Distance: 13"
• Large, neoprene foam grip for
Includes: Camera mounting screws,
• Solid, machined
comfortable shooting and carrying.
1/4"-20 flash mounting knob
components for optimum
Suggested Accessories: Flash
• Optional cable-release kit attaches
easily to grip.
Mounts, Camera and Flash Quick
• Integral QR (Quick-
Releases, Cable Release Kit
Release) Plate mates to
Catalog Number: 300-800
Brackets shown with
optional QR Receiver,
allowing the bracket and
optional flash mounts.
tripod to be attached or
detached instantly.
• Accepts all
Stroboframe flash
mounts, Camera
Anti-Twist Plates
and Quick-Release
Stroboframe • Stroboframe   

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