TFDVD2295S2 Manuals

Important Safety Instructions
Antenna Safety Instructions
If an outdoor antenna is connected, follow the precautions below:
•  An outdoor antenna should not be located in any area where it could come in contact with overhead 
power lines, or any other electric light or power circuits.
•  When instal ing an outdoor antenna system, extreme caution should be taken to prevent contact with 
power lines. Direct contact with power lines may be fatal and should be avoided at all costs.
Section 810 of National Electrical Code (NEC) provides information with respect to proper grounding of the
mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding
conductors, location of antenna discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the
grounding electrode.
Listening with Earphones
•  Listen at moderate Volumes to avoid hearing damage.
•  If you hear no sound during playback, do not turn the Volume up as the music may suddenly begin at a 
high Volume. Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.
•  To avoid damaging your ears, adjust the Volume to the lowest level before playback, and turn up to the 
desired level when playback has started.
Legal and Trademark Notices
Coby is a registered trademark of Coby Electronics Corporation. All other trademarks and logos are property 
of their respective owners unless indicated otherwise.
Manufactured  under  license  from  Dolby  Laboratories.  “Dolby”  and  the  double-D  symbol  are  trademarks  of 
Dolby Laboratories. Confidential unpublished works. © 1992 -1997 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All rights
This TV incorporates High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMITM) technology. HDMI, the HDMI logo and 
High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
Note: This product contains electrical or electronic materials.The presence of these materials may, if not 
disposed of properly, have potential adverse effects on the environment and human health. Presence of this 
label on the product means it should not be disposed of as unsorted waste and must be collected separately. 
As a consumer, you are responsible for ensuring that this product is disposed of properly.

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