T2308 Manuals

This book has all the feature operation 
and troubleshooting you need to install 
and operate your new VTech phone. 
Please take the time to review thoroughly 
to ensure proper installation and the bene-
fit of this VTech innovative and feature rich 

product. You can also visit our website at 
www.vtechphones.com for support, shop-
ping, and everything new at VTech. 
In Canada, please visit 
VTech toll free 1-800-595-9511
In Canada dial 1-800-267-7377
Before using this telephone, you must read important 
safety instructions on page 19.

Part  Check  List
Parts Check List:
To purchase replacement batteries, visit 
Installing the Battery
1.       Handset
us on the web at www.vtechphones.com 
1. Slide the battery cover off by gently pressing on the recessed area with a 
2.       Base Unit
or  call  VTech  Communications  at 
downward motion.
2. Unplug and remove the old battery. Do not dispose of the old battery in a 
3.       Telephone line cord 800-595-9511.  In  Canada  go  to 
trash compactor or fire - it could explode.
4.       Battery
www.vtechcanada.com  or  cal   VTech 
3. With the red and black wires at the bottom of the battery, angle the top of 
5.       Power Adapter
Electronics at 1-800-267-7377.
the battery into the compartment, under the claws. Next, press the lower 
6.       User’s manual
end of the battery down, so it is held in place by the lower claw. Now, plug 
the connector into the socket, located below the battery. Slip the battery 
wires into the guide, located below and to the left of the socket.
4. Replace the battery cover by sliding it into place. 
5. The new battery must be charged before using your telephone. Place the 
handset in the base unit to allow it to charge for at least 16 hours.
Battery Care and Performance 
After your battery is fully charged, you can expect the following performance:
Operating time
While in use (talking)
up to 4 hours
While not in use (standby*)
up to 4 days
*  Handset is off the base unit or charger but not in use.
• Battery power is consumed whenever the handset is  off  the  base  unit  or 
charger, even when the handset is not in use. The longer you  leave  the 
handset off the base unit or charger, the shorter you can actual y talk on 
the handset. Actual battery performance depends on a combination of how 
often the handset is in use and how often it is not in use.
• Once the battery is fully charged, you do not have  to  charge  it  again 
 is displayed or flashes. This will maximize the battery life.
CAUTION:  To  reduce  the  risk  of  fire  or  injury,  read  and  fol ow  these 
1.   Use only the VTech battery supplied, or equivalent.
2.   Do not open or mutilate the battery. Released electrolyte is corrosive and 
may cause damage to the eyes or skin. It may be toxic if swallowed.
3.   Exercise care in handling batteries in order not to short the battery with 
conducting materials such as rings, bracelets, and keys. The battery or 
conductor may overheat and cause burns.
4.   Do not dispose of the battery in a fire, it might explode.
Handset Features
In Use/Charging LED
•     Lights when the handset is on an active call.
•     Flashes in unison with an incoming ring.
Setting Up Your phone
•     Flashes quickly during programming mode.
1.   Choose an area near an electrical outlet and a telephone wall 
•     Flashes slowly when the battery is low.
•     Illuminates steadily when the handset is charging in the base.
2.   Plug the AC power adapter into an electrical outlet and the DC 
connector to the power jack on the bottom of the base unit. Insert 
TALK/Flash Key
the cord in the channel guide.
•     Press the TALK key to make a call.
CAUTION:  Use only the AC adapter shipped with your phone. It  is  
•     If you are currently on a call, and hear a call waiting tone, press TALK 
specifically designed for this product.
to switch to the second call. Press TALK again to return to the original 
NOTE:        Connect  power  to  the  base  unit  before  placing  the 
handset in the cradle.
Volume Keys
recharge automatically whenever the handset is in the base unit. 
•     Adjusts the volume of what you hear through the handset.
The battery must be charged for at least 16 hours before using 
•     While on a call, press the    or   key to adjust the listening volume. The 
your phone for the first time.
handset will emit a double beep when the maximum or minimum volume 
4.   Connect the telephone line cord. Insert one end of the telephone 
level has been reached.
line cord into the phone jack on the bottom of  the base unit. Plug 
Off Key
the other end into a telephone wal  jack. Make sure the plugs snap 
securely into place. Insert the cord in the channel guide.
•     Press the OFF key to exit all  modes of operation.
5.   CHECK FOR A DIAL TONE. After the battery is charged, pick 
Redial/Pause Key
up the handset and press the TALK key. You should hear a dial 
•     When you hear the dial tone, press REDIAL to cal  the last number dialed 
tone. If not, see TROUBLESHOOTING.
on your phone.
•     It can also be used to store the last number dialed into speed dial memory. 
See Storing a Redial Number into Speed Dial for details.

Document Outline

  • Part Check List
  • Installation
    • Installing the Battery
    • Battery Care and Performance
    • Setting Up Your phone
  • Handset Features
    • In Use/Charging LED
    • TALK/Flash Key
    • Volume Keys
    • Off Key
    • Redial/Pause Key
    • Channel Key
    • MEM KEY
    • PROG KEY
    • Tone/* Key
  • Base Features
    • Handset Locator Button
  • Operating Instructions
    • Making Calls
    • Answering Calls
    • Disconnecting
    • Changing Channels
    • Tone/Pulse Setting
    • Temporary Tone
    • Programming The Ringer Type
    • Checking The Ringer
    • Memory Dialing
    • Programming Speed Dial Numbers
    • Speed Number Dialing
    • To Change or Replace a Speed Dial Number
    • Storing Pauses in Memory
    • Redial
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Statement
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • FCC, ACTA and IC Regulations
  • The RBRC
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