T2 Task Lighting PRISTINE Manuals

939504881 Rev B
PRISTINE™ T2 Task Lighting 
Installation Instructions 

Find the center and mark holes as indicated. Drive screws into binder bin 
Position the light’s keyhole slots over the screws, shift right to engage.
or shelf with shoulder washers. (Do not over drive screws)
.149" diameter
#25 drill
For Dimming Units Only:
• Press and release button 
for on/off.
from the back edge
• Press and hold to dim.
• Release to set dimming level.
1  All electrical installations must be done by 
3  Ensure that circuits to which the lights are connected 
qualified personnel in accordance with codes 
are properly grounded and are the correct voltage.
regulations applicable at the installation site.
4  To prevent wiring damage or abrasion, do not expose 
To Prevent Risk 
2  Before beginning work, ensure that electrical 
wiring to edges of sheet metal or other sharp objects.
power has been removed from the circuits that 
of Electrical Shock . . .
are being connected to or disconnected from.
45 Industrial Way
Wilmington, MA 01887

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