SyncMaster 960BG Manuals

The best way to protect your monitor from Image retention is to set your PC or 
System to operate a Screen Saver program when you are not using it.

Image retention may not occur when a LCD panel is operated under normal conditions. 
Normal conditions are defined as continuously changing video patterns. When the LCD 
panel is operated for a long time with a fixed pattern (-over 12 hours-), there may be 
slight difference in voltage between electrodes that work the liquid crystal (LC) in a 
pixel. The voltage difference between electrodes increases with time, forcing the liquid 
crystal to lean. When this occurs, the previous image may be seen when the pattern is 
To prevent this, the accumulated voltage difference must be decreased. 
Our LCD Monitor satisfies ISO13406-2 Pixel fault Class II 

Document Outline

  • SyncMaster 960BG
  • Safety Instructions
    • Notational
    • Power
    • Installation
    • Clean
    • Others
  • Introduction
    • List of Features
    • Unpacking
    • Front
    • Rear
  • Setup
    • Connecting the Monitor
    • Using the Stand
    • Installing the Monitor Driver (Automatic)
    • Installing the Monitor Driver (Manual)
    • Natural Color
  • Program
    • Installation
    • Uninstall
    • MagicTune
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