Studio 30" Vanity 9205.030.339 Manuals

Two people recommended for this installation
NOTE:  Marble top comes pre-cut for the Studio Under Counter mount sink and 8"
faucet spread. Also it is strongly recommended that the marble top be sealed after
installation and prior to use. 
Mount the drain assembly (not included) on the sink. Be certain to apply a bead of
sealing putty on the underside of the drain (Part "A") in order to ensure a watertight seal
between the sink and drain. Remove excess putty after installing the drain on the sink. 
Turn the marble top upside down and place it on a clean, scratch
resistant surface. Apply a bead of silicone adhesive to the rim of
the sink. Center the sink over the cutout and (secure it to the top
using the mounting kit provided). 
Use the 4 brackets supplied with the sink mounting kit
and the 4 screws supplied with the marble top to secure the sink to
the underside of the marble top. 
Turn the top right-side up and install the faucet per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Apply a bead of silicone adhesive to the rim of the vanity. Place the marble top
centered left to right on the vanity and with the back edge of the top even with the
rear of the vanity. Clean up any excess silicone. 
Connect the trap to the drain assembly hand tight to check alignment. It may be
necessary to cut off part of the tailpiece (area "A") or part horizontal leg of the 
trap (area "B").  
Connect hot and cold supply lines to the shut off valves. Tighten trap joints for
watertight assembly. 
Care and Cleaning of Vanity
Clean the product by using soft, slightly damp cloth. Buff the product by using a soft dry cloth. Avoid using silicone 
cleaners and waxes.
Clean up excess water and spills immediately. Use a blotting rather than a wiping action. Water left over a long period of 
time will cause white spots in the finish.
NOTE: Please note that some chemicals may damage the finish. Take care to avoid the following: iodine, hair dye, after 
shave lotion, shaving cream, alcohol, perfume, Lestoil®, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner®, Lysol Spray Disinfectant®, Dow 
Disinfectant®, acetone, paint remover, Formula 409®, Tile-X®, and Nair®. 
Care and Cleaning of the Marble Vanity Top
Marble is porous and easily stained. Wipe off anything spilled on it immediately.  It should be washed or cleaned regularly 
with fresh warm water and a non-abrasive clean cloth. Also, using a non-abrasive, neutral (pH balanced) cleaner will help 
remove dirt and grime, but it is recommended to first try warm water only.
Marble should be sealed regularly with a good quality marble sealer. Marble sealers are available at most retail home 
supply stores.  Follow the instructions on the sealer container for proper application and frequency of use. The sealer acts 
as a stain inhibitor and prevents most stains and soil from being absorbed into the porous surface, but it is NOT a 
guarantee against staining. All spills should be cleaned immediately. Avoid contact with all oils and petroleum-based 
products. Also, avoid contact with all acid or caustic products such as vinegar, citrus or fruit juices, soda, chlorine, and nail 
polish remover. If the marble is well sealed, the warm water and non-abrasive cloth should keep it clean.
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