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Setting the Standard
for high Wheel Power Mowers Since 1935
Sarlo Power Mowers, Inc
P.O. Box 1169 • Fort Myers, Florida 33902
Phone:  (800) 749-5296
  (239) 332-1955
Fax:  (239) 332-7212
Why high Wheels? Sarlo high wheels hardly notice the holes, 
sand  or  soft  turf  that  bog  down  low 
wheels and make pushing tough work.
1)  Large diameter wheels roll easier, reducing 
resistance  from  turf  and  weeds,  while 
overcoming holes.
2)  High wheels allow better balance and create 
Sarlo  high  wheels  roll  over 
a pivot for maneuvering the mower.
high  grass  and  weeds  that 
3)  High wheels allow bigger engines, without 
low wheels push against.
sacrificing balance or easy handling.
PoPular  oPtions MaxiMize PerforMance:
Swivel Front Wheel Assembly* for ultimate maneuverability 
Mulching Plate bolts quickly to 
and clean finish cuts. Available in single or dual configurations.
Sarlo’s Perfect Circle Deck to close 
*Swivel wheels not available on 621-2 model.
discharge chute and create proper air 
circulation and 
clipping action 
for effective 

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