SR601 Manuals

SR601 Rock Speaker
Product Description
The Tannoy SR601 is a high power handling, high sensitivity, full bandwidth rock
• 153mm (6”) ICT™ driver
speaker design primarily for outdoor use. The rugged and durable terra alba and
• High sensitivity
fibreglass enclosure construction is weather, water marking and UV discolouration
• Phase coherent design for superior vocal articulation and
resistant; this, together with the integrated grille design, provides protection for the
• music reproduction
153mm (6.00”) Tannoy ICT™ transducer from the elements, including rain, hail, sleet,
• No crossover required, ensuring better phase, impedance
snow and high salt content atmospheres such as coastal environments. The natural
• and sensitivity response for high performance and durability
rock-like appearance of the SR601 blends inconspicuously into outdoor applications
• Wireless electromagnetic tweeter cannot be burned out from
from gardens, patios, and architectural landscapes.
• heavy or abusive use
• 1 metre of weather proof speaker attached
Equipped with Tannoy’s exclusive ICT™ point source, constant directivity drive unit,
• Weather resistant enclose
the SR601 is a compact speaker system delivering an acoustic performance of
• Visually blends into its environment
outstanding clarity, definition and detail with class leading vocal intelligibility. The mid
• Five year loudspeaker warranty
bass and tweeter sections of the driver are configured to a point source, ensuring a
wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage of the listening area; this while
avoiding the massive loss of energy in the vertical plane, at the crossover frequency,
inherent in two-way discreet designs.
• Architectural landscapes
• Residential developments, gardens and patios
The ICT™ (Inductive Coupling Technology) drive unit design addresses the two most
• Retail outlets, boutiques and shopping malls
common component failures experienced in background music and sound reinforcement
• Lounges and theme bars
systems, the tweeter and the crossover reliability.  The use of a wireless electromagnetic
• Airports
tweeter means that no crossover is required in the design; this therefore ensures that
• Theme parks and convention centres
an ICT™ unit cannot be burned out through system misuse or by constant heavy
• Casinos
usage.  The mineral loaded polypropylene cone material and nitrile rubber surround
• Museums
further enhance durability and long-term reliability.
• Transportation centres
• Cruise ships
• Recreational facilities
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