SPC502NC Manuals

Video chatting at higher 
With its white finish and tiny design, this webcam looks as good as the high resolution 
images it takes. Its sturdy foot design sits securely on any monitor and you can pivot the 
camera 360° to video any part of your room.
Perfectly user-friendly
• Snapshot button lets you take great instant photos
• Take, archive and manage images & V-mails with VLounge
• Compatible with MSN, Skype and other free messaging services
• Installation manager for easy set-up
Natural images at higher resolution
• Automatic Picture Optimizer for super image quality
• Smooth image with 30 frames per second video
• Super VGA resolution for high-quality images
• Rotating lens for perfect aiming and natural images
Stylish and functional design
• Standalone external microphone gives you recording freedom
• Turn the camera 360° on its pivot joint
• Stable mount on any monitor laptop or desk
• White finish and slim line

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