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250 GB SimpleDrive Deluxe, by SimpleTech 
Posted: 17-Oct-2005
4 out of 5  Mice  
Vendor: SimpleTech
Reviewer: Bill Catambay
Backing up has always been critical to businesses, but these days, it's just as important to the 
home computer user. With all of your music digitally stored, as well as home videos, email, 
documents, and everything else that you've discovered to be easier to store on your computer, 
so much important data now resides on a hard disk. Always keep in mind that, at any given 
time, your internal hard disk can fail and not be recoverable. If you do not have the data backed 
up, than you lose everything. Nowadays, it's a must to have an external hard drive for backing 
up your critical data. External drives also offer extra storage for those who are running low on 
disk space and have no options for adding additional internal disks. Whether used for back -ups 
or extra storage, external disk drives continue to emerge with larger storage capacities, lower 
profiles, and lower prices per gigabyte. One such offering is the 250GB SimpleDrive Deluxe from 
SimpleTech. The SimpleDrive Deluxe is a combination USB 2.0 and Firewire external disk drive.
Vendor's Description 
Engineered for performance and reliability, SimpleTech's high-
speed, high capacity SimpleDrive Deluxe external hard drive is 
ideal for any storage need, including digital music, movies and 
photographs. Every SimpleTech SimpleDrive Deluxe comes with a 
FREE copy of StorageSync Professional Edition Automatic Backup 
Software so full or incremental backups are fast and easy every 
l Plug n' play installation (no tools required)  
l One-click backup with StorageSync Pro **   
l High-speed  USB 2.0/Firewire  
l Hot swappable  
l Free and unlimited technical support  
l Compact,  space -saving design  
** Backup software is Windows-only, so for Mac users, you will need your own backup software. 
l SimpleTech Part #  STI -U2F36/250    
l Capacity  250 GB   
l Data Transfer Rate  35 MB/sec   
l Hard Drive Height  3.5    
l Rotational Speed  7200 RPM   
l Buffer Size  8096 KB   
l Operating Shock  55 G   
l Non-Operating Shock  350 G   
l Warranty  3 Years   
l UPC Code  705487113310   

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