SCL610 Manuals

Notices and Safety Instructions
Notices regarding electronic viewfinder
1) Do not place the camcorder so that the
viewfinder is pointing towards the sun.
Direct sunlight can damage the inside of
the viewfinder. Be careful when placing
the camcorder under sunlight or by a
2) Do not pick up the camcorder by the
3) Unintended rotation may cause damage
to the viewfinder.
Notices regarding moisture condensation
1) A sudden rise in atmospheric temperature may cause condensa-
tion to form inside the camcorder.
for example:
When you take the camcorder from cold temperature outside to
warm temperature inside during the winter.
When you take the camcorder from cool temperature inside to 
hot temperature outside during the summer.
2)  If the “DEW” protection feature is activated, leave the camcorder
in a dry, warm room with the cassette compartment opened 
and the battery removed.
3) If the “DEW” protection feature is activated unexpectedly, and 
you want to override it, detach, then reinstall the battery pack 
and lithium battery.
Please make sure that the condensation has disappeared 
completely. (see page 66)

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