Sangean HDT-1 Manuals

Poor audio quality
Antenna not correctly installed or oriented
Using the signal strength indicator or the Carrier to Noise
indicater, try different positions and orientations of the antenna
Radio station is broadcasting poor signal
Contact radio broadcaster to inquire about poor audio quality
HD Signal Keeps Fading in and Out
Antenna not correctly installer or oriented
See above
Poor environmental conditions
There are certain environmental factors that will effect
radio reception. You should always try your tuner in a
different location, alter the orientation of the antenna,
and check all connections.
If all else fails, in the advanced menu on the HDT-1X, adjust turn
“Force Analog” setting to “ON”
Stange sound when radio is off
Malfunctioning component
If the HDT-1/HDT-1X is making a stange but detectable when the
unit is on and off disconnect power immediately and contact
Sangean Service Department at 888-SANGEAN
2007/4/30, ¤U¤È 01:44

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