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APC Back-UPS® AVR 500
User’s Manual
990-2093   Revision 1   12/00 
  Connect UPS to Power
  Connect Equipment to UPS
Ensure the following items are inside the box:
Use the power cord that came with your com-
Use the supplied IEC cords to connect equip-
puter to connect the UPS directly to the wall
ment to either Battery Backup or Surge Protec-
  Surge Protection Outlet (1)
IEC Power Cords (2)  
User’s Manual
outlet.  Do not power the UPS using a surge
tion outlets.
Connect a printer, fax machine, or scanner to
RS-232 Interface Cable
suppressor or power strip.
this white outlet. This outlet does not provide
Software Installation Sheet
Safety Guide
power during a power outage.  This outlet is
  Battery Backup Outlets (3)
Warranty Registration Form
always On (when utility power is available)
PowerChute® plus Software CD-ROM
Connect computer, monitor, and external drive
and is not controlled by the On/Off button.
to these black outlets. These outlets provide
Notify the carrier if there is damage. Please fill
battery backup, EMI filtering, line condition-
out the Warranty Registration Form or fill out
ing, and surge protection. Battery power is
an online form at, to obtain
automatically provided in case of power out-
warranty coverage.
age. Power (utility or battery) is not supplied to
Place the UPS:
these outlets when the UPS is switched OFF.
• Provide 5 cm clearance on top and sides for 
Battery Charging:  The UPS battery charges
adequate airflow around the unit.
whenever the UPS is connected to utility power
and typically requires less than five (5) hours to
charge fully. Operating runtime is reduced until
the battery is fully charged.
• Do not connect a printer to any Battery 
Backup outlet.
• Do not connect a surge suppressor, power 
5 hours
strip, or extension cord to the UPS.
• Avoid direct sunlight.
• Avoid excessive heat.
• Avoid excessive humidity or liquids.
• Avoid excessive dust.
  Connect Fax/Phone/Modem
After pressing the On/Off button, the following
  Switch On and Test the UPS
  Install File-Saving Software
Surge Protection (optional)
events will occur:
1. Press the On/Off button to switch the                
Connect phone cables (not provided) as shown at
• The green On Line indicator will flash.
2. Switch On connected equipment.
the right, to protect your fax, phone, and modem
• The yellow On Battery indicator will light 
from phone line surges.
while a Self-Test is performed.
Connect the RS-232 interface cable, supplied in
• When Self-Test has successfully completed, 
the software kit, to the computer interface port
the green On Line indicator will be lit.
on the rear panel of the UPS. Connect the other
cable end to an unused serial port on the com-
puter. Install the PowerChute  plus  software.
The UPS performs a Self-Test automatically
Instructions for installation are defined in the
when switched On, and every two weeks of con-
software documentation included with the soft-
tinuous operation.
ware CD-ROM.
UPS Indicators and Controls
Circuit Breaker
Software Shutdown Mode
On Battery (yellow)
If an overload is severe, the circuit breaker may If power is outside acceptable limits, and the
Utility  power  is  outside  accept- trip (the white resettable center plunger of the optional software is installed, the host computer
able limits. The battery is powering 
circuit breaker pops out). If the circuit breaker signals the UPS to shutdown. In Shutdown
only the Battery Backup outlets. The expected trips:
Mode, the UPS disconnects power to the Battery
run-time for a typical personal computer (PC) is
Backup outlets to conserve battery capacity. The
19 minutes total.
1. Disconnect non-essential load equip-
On Line and Overload indicators flash alter-
ment from the UPS to eliminate the over-
nately for 20 seconds. When utility power is
restored, the UPS returns to On Line operation.
On/Off Button
Momentary Tone - a two (2) sec-
Press  and  release the On/Off button
ond duration tone is sounded two
to supply power to the Battery
2. Press the center plunger of the circuit
seconds  after  utility  power loss has
Backup outlets. The UPS then performs a Self-
breaker back “in” to restart the UPS.
Cold Start
Test. Press and release the button again to
occurred. The UPS will continue to run with-
switch Off power to the Battery Backup outlets.
out an audible alarm until a low battery condi-
When the UPS is "Off" and there is no utility
tion is reached (see below).
power, it is possible to power essential equipment
connected to the Battery Backup outlets. Make
Note: The Surge Protection outlet is powered
sure that only the most necessary equipment is
whenever the UPS has utility power.
Continuous Beeping-  the UPS is
connected to the UPS at this time:
near the end of its battery runtime.
On Line (green)
Promptly   save  your  data  and
1. Press and hold the On/Off button until the
The UPS is supplying conditioned
UPS emits a sustained tone.
all applications. Shutdown the operating
utility power to the Battery Back-up
2. Release the On/Off button during the sus-
system.  The UPS beeps continuously (1-2
tained tone, to start the UPS.
minutes) until it shuts down from battery
3. If the Overload indicator is lit, reset the
exhaustion or returns to On Line operation.
Replace Battery (red)
UPS by pressing the On/Off button once to
This  indicator  is  lit  whenever  the
switch it Off and again to switch it back on.
automatic diagnostic test has deter-
Overload (red)
Complete what you need to do with the pow-
mined the battery is near the end of it useful life.
Power demand has exceeded the
ered equipment before the UPS battery is fully
The battery should be replaced within two
UPS’s Capacity
weeks (see Order Replacement Battery). Failure
to replace the battery may result in insufficient
Manual Shutdown
Order Replacement Battery
runtime during a power outage.
Sustained Tone  - this overload
alarm is sounded until one or more
When the UPS is operating On Battery, perform
The Back-UPS AVR 500 replacement battery
Chirps for 1 Minute Every 5
devices  are  disconnected  from  the
the following to conserve battery charge:
cartridge (RBCs) part number is RBC 2. Replace-
Hours- this alarm is sounded when-
• Save important working files.
Battery Backup outltets and is reset by switch-
ments can be ordered from local retailers, APC
ever  the  battery  has  failed  the auto-
• Exit all applications/operating system.
ing the UPS Off and then On again.
via telephone (requires a credit card), or the APC
matic diagnostic test.
• Press the On/Off button on the UPS.
website (
APC, PowerChute and Back-UPS are registered trademarks of
American Power Conversion Corp.

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