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VIZIO RP56 User Guide 
Important Safeguards 
•  Read all the Safety Instructions and the User Manual before using the DLP TV. Keep these instructions in a safe 
place for future reference. 
• To avoid the risk of electric shock or component damage, switch off the power before connecting other 
components to the DLP TV. 
•  Unplug the power cord before cleaning the DLP TV.  A damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning the DLP TV.  Do not 
use a liquid or a spray cleaner for cleaning the product. Do not use abrasive cleaners. 
•  Always use the accessories recommended by the manufacturer to insure compatibility. 
•  When moving the DLP TV from an area of low temperature to an area of high temperature, condensation may 
form on the housing.  Do not turn on the DLP TV immediately after this to avoid causing fire, electric shock or 
component damage.  Do not use the DLP TV near water, e.g. near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, 
swimming pool or in a wet basement. 
•  Do not place the DLP TV on an unstable cart, stand, or table. If the DLP TV falls, it can injure a person and cause 
serious damage to the appliance. Use only a cart or stand recommended by the manufacturer or sold with the 
•  A distance of at least 3 feet should be maintained between the DLP TV and any heat source, i.e. radiator, heater, 
oven, amplifier etc. 
•  Slots and openings in the back and bottom of the cabinet are provided for ventilation. To ensure reliable operation 
of the DLP TV and to protect it from overheating, be sure these openings are not blocked or covered. Do not place 
the DLP TV on a bed, sofa, or similar surface. Do not place the DLP TV near or over a radiator or heat register. Do 
not place the DLP TV in a bookcase or cabinet unless proper ventilation is provided. 
•  Never push any object into the slot on the DLP TV cabinet. It could short circuit parts causing a fire or electric 
shock. Never spill liquids on the DLP TV. 
•  The DLP TV should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the label. If you are not sure of 
the type of power supplied to your home, consult your dealer or local power company.  
•  The power cable must be replaced when using different voltage from that specified in the User Manual.  For more 
information, contact your dealer. 
•  The DLP TV is equipped with a three-pronged grounded plug, a plug with a third (grounding) pin. This plug will fit 
only into a grounded power outlet as a safety feature. If your outlet does not accommodate the three-wire plug, 
have an electrician install the correct outlet, or use an adapter to ground the appliance safely. Do not defeat the 
safety purpose of the grounded plug. 
•  Unplug the unit during a lightening storm or when it will not be used for long period of time. This will protect the 
DLP TV from damage due to power surges. 
•  Do not overload power strips and extension cords. Overloading can result in fire or electric shock. 
•  The wall socket shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. 
•  Do not attempt to repair or service the product yourself. Opening or removing the back cover may expose you to 
high voltages, the risk of electric shock, and other hazards. If repair is required, please contact your dealer and 
refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.  
•  If any of the following occurs please contact the dealer: 
o  The power supply or connector fails. 
o  Liquid sprays or any object drops into the DLP TV. 
o  The Display is exposed to rain or other moisture. 
o  The Display is dropped or damaged in any way. 
o  The performance of the Display changes substantially. 
• Operating environment: 
Temperature: 32°F~104°F (0°C ~ 40°C) 
Humidity: 20% to 85% non-condensing 
•  Handling the remote control 
o  Do not drop or mishandle the remote control. 
o  Do not get the remote control wet. If the remote control gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. 
o  Avoid heat and humidity. 
o  When not using the remote control for a long period, remove the batteries. 
o  Do not take the batteries apart, heat them, or throw them into a fire. 
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