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To remove a disc from its storage case, press down on the centre of the case and lift the
disc out, holding it carefully by the edges.

Insert a fully rewound prerecorded cassette into Tape Deck B.

Insert a fully rewound blank cassette tape into Tape Deck A.

Set the Function Selector (14) to the TAPE position and keep the DUBBING Selector
(26) in the “high” position.

Press the Pause Key of Tape Deck “A”, and then press both the Play and Record keys
of Tape Deck “A”.

Press the Play Key of Tape Deck “B”. The contents of the tape in Deck “B” will now be
copied onto the tape in Deck “A”.

Adjust the Volume Control to the desired levels for monitoring purposes. The recording

Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped off the disc’s recorded surface with a
will be unaffected by changes in these control.
soft cloth. Unlike conventional records, compact discs have no grooves to collect dust

To stop recording, press both of the Stop / Eject Keys. Otherwise the tape will stop
and microscopic debris so gently wiping with a soft cloth should remove most particles.
automatically when the end of the tape is reached.
Wipe in a straight line from the inside to the outside of the disc. Small dust particles and
light stains will have absolutely no effect on reproduction quality.

Never use chemicals such as record sprays, antistatic sprays, benzine, or thinners to

Press down the DUBBING Button (26) to the “low” position.
clean compact discs. These chemicals can irreparably damage the disc’s surface.

Follow the steps described above for Normal Speed Tape-to Tape Recording. You will

Discs should be returned to their cases after use. This avoids serious scratches that
hear the speeded up tape play through the speakers. Turn down the volume to silence
could cause the Laser pickup to skip.
the sound.

Do not expose discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, or high temperatures for extended
NOTES: If the length of the tape in Deck B is shorter than that in Deck A, the Play Key of Deck
periods. Long exposure to high temperatures can warp the disc.
B  will be released automatically at the end of the tape. Tape A will continue to record

Do not stick paper or write anything with a ballpoint pen on the label side of the disc.
until the tape reaches its end, or its Stop / Eject key is pressed.
If the length of the tape in Deck A is shorter than that in Deck B. The Record and
Play Keys of Deck A will be released automatically at the end of tape. Tape B will
continue to play back until the tape reaches its end, or its Stop / Eject Key is pressed.

Press the STANDBY/ON  Button (16) to ON . The Standby indicator (19) will go off.

Set the Function Selector (14) to the CD position.

Press the OPEN/CLOSE (38) button to open the CD drawer.

Press the PRESET EQ button (17) to select between pre-adjusted equalizations. The
Note: You do not have to wait for the changer to search all three pockets for Ds. You may
indicator of the selected type will light up (20):
open the CD drawer immediately.

The CD pockets are numbered “1,2 and 3”. These numbers correspond to the disc

To Mute the sound instantly press the MUTE Button (7) on the Remote control.
indicators in the CD display. The disc indicators do not change position. However the
The MUTE (19) indicator lights up and flashes . Pressing this button again or pressing the 
disc symbol will flash to show which disc is in the play position.
VOLUME buttons on the remote Control, will switch the sound on again.
Place up to 3 CDs in the pockets of the tray. Place the disc you want to play first in pocket
no. 1. Place the disc you want to play second in pocket no.2 and so on. To load three
CDs in the tray it will be necessary to rotate the tray to expose the third pocket. After you
load the first two discs press the Disc Skip (10) button to rotate the tray and then load

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