Quickchiller Manuals

Production Efficiency
Imagine how much easier and more efficient food
Whether chill processing is used for several of
production would be if you could remove a
your more labor-intensive menu items; a number
number of items from your daily production
of items cooked fresh and used on a daily basis;
schedule and reschedule production of those
or where all items are prepared, chilled, and
products to once or twice a week.  That's just one
rethermalized in bulk or portion sizes; the
of the many benefits derived from chill processing
benefits provide you with significant advantages.
with the use of an Alto-Shaam Quickchiller.
Chill processing has grown far beyond the needs
Chill processing not only provides an improved
of institutional markets and large banqueting
production schedule, it also gives you better
facilities to encompass all areas of food
control over the number of portions you use and
preparation that are faced with labor shortages
that results in less product waste.  You gain a
and rising costs.  With a variety of sizes and
five-day refrigerated storage life for the foods
product chilling capacities, there is a
processed in a Quickchiller.  Five days of
Quickchiller available to handle any production-
production inventory, including the day of
processing requirement to ease hectic
preparation and the day of service, would be a
production schedules.
big advantage to any food service operation.  
A variety of fully cooked foods, made from fresh
ingredients, chilled, and held under refrigeration
takes only minutes to rethermalize back to a
serving temperature.  After reheating, chilled foods
are just as tasty as their freshly prepared
counterparts.  Many foods often improve in quality
when seasonings are allowed to cure and natural
flavors combine to enhance the taste of a product.

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