Pro 1106EX Manuals

Ricoh Pro 906EX/Pro 1106EX/Pro 1356EX
Dependable performance for your demanding workload.
Unprecedented Speed
Superior Security
The Ricoh Pro 906EX/Pro 1106EX/Pro 1356EX
The RICOH® Pro 906EX/Pro 1106EX/Pro 1356EX digital imaging
Safeguard sensitive documents and 
systems are not only the fastest we offer—
the system itself from unauthorized 
systems deliver fast performance, seamless operation, professional-
they are among the fastest multifunction 
use with a complete line of advanced
systems available anywhere.
grade finishing, and more. These reliable systems produce crisp
security features. 
• Maximize productivity and throughput with copying and printing 
• Manage system access with internal and
black & white output at speeds up to 135 pages-per-minute. They
speeds of 90, 110 and 135 pages-per-minute.
external user authentication, including
• Reduce turnaround time in centralized reproduction departments (CRDs),
options for Windows and LDAP.
are remarkably easy to use, and they offer a full slate of high-end
in-plant printers and print-for-pay shops—especially for critical rush orders.
• Control which features authorized 
• Empower users in fast-paced workgroups to complete jobs quickly and
users can employ via access restriction.
finishing options. All of which makes them ideal for meeting tight
devote more time to core activities.
• Protect data from interception, 
• Create professionally finished documents without losing valuable
deadlines, keeping more jobs in-house and maximizing uptime.
In-Line Ring Binding—with the new Ring Binder
analysis and tampering via encrypted
production time. Finish completely bound books at the touch of a button.
RB5000—eliminates the time and expense of
communication with Secure Socket 
• Complete high-volume runs of large, multi-page documents without
inserting binding elements off-line, dramatically
Layer (SSL) support.
pausing to reload trays with the virtually limitless paper supply.
saving time and labor.
• Automatically overwrite latent
• Expand in-house capabilities and reduce the need for outsourcing. 
information on the hard drive after 
The systems handle a wide variety of paper stocks and sizes, up to 
every copy, print and scan job with 
13" x 18" and 80 lb. Cover.
the optional DataOverwriteSecurity
System (DOSS).
Enhanced Reliability
• Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks,
reduce the risk of virus relay and defend
Engineered to run harder and last longer, 
against user name/password theft with
these workhorse systems maximize uptime 
the Network Protocol On/Off function.
and reduce downtime—even in challenging
• Embed an invisible masking pattern in
originals that shows up if unauthorized
production environments.
users attempt to copy or scan documents
• Expect outstanding long-term reliability and top-notch quality—
on any system with this same feature.
the result of carefully considered design enhancements to the drum, 
Set up complex jobs in 
fuser and other key components.
User-Friendly Design
seconds with the Super VGA
• Automatically identify and correct multiple-sheet feeding before it
Color Touch Panel Display.
compromises efficiency with the Multi-Feed Detection System.
The Ricoh Pro 906EX/Pro 1106EX/
Pro 1356EX systems are easy to 

Use the GBC StreamPunch III to produce clean,
Flexible Finishing
operate, whether you are the 
precisely punched documents in a range of styles.
Create an incredible variety of finished documents
newest workgroup member or a 
completely in-line—without sending jobs to other
seasoned production professional.
vendors or finishing output manually.
• Navigate to the exact copy or scan features you need 
in moments with the help of the Super VGA Color Touch
• Ricoh’s new industry-exclusive Ring Binder Unit produces ready-to-
Your Partner in
Panel Display, which offers large graphics and an intuitive
distribute, ring-bound booklets that are seamlessly punched and 
menu design.
bound completely on-line.
• Eliminate errors by previewing and approving thumbnails of
• Create perfect-bound books up to 400 pages long (in duplex mode), 
scanned documents before final output or e-mail distribution.
such as technical manuals, training materials and operation guides, 
• Accommodate last-second document changes right at the
with the new in-line Perfect Binder.
Ricoh continues its long-standing
system. Use creep adjustment to improve registration of
• Handle a variety of conventional jobs with high-speed stapling, 
commitment to developing office
booklets. Mix one- and two-sided originals without scanning
saddle-stitching and Z-fold options.
blank pages. Or use Bates Numbering to stamp documents
solutions with environmentally
• Significantly reduce labor costs when printing bound books with the 
sequentially as they are scanned and output.
friendly and superior energy- and
GBC StreamPunch™ III, which offers on-line punching in a variety of patterns.
• Perform administrative tasks remotely with the Web Image
• Deliver professional-quality, saddle-stitched booklets with square-edge
supply-saving features, without
Monitor utility, which makes it easy to check toner and
folds when you add the BK5010 Production Booklet Maker and the
compromising productivity, including: 
paper levels, change print queues, merge jobs and receive
optional BF5010 Book Fold Unit.
error notifications by e-mail.
• Quick Start-Up (QSU) Technology
Create professional-quality, perfect bound books at
• Automatically report usage meter data with the Ricoh
• Power-Saving Sleep Mode
the touch of a button. The new Perfect Binder
@Remote Intelligent Remote Management System, 
• Duplex and Combine Copy Modes
GB5000 makes it easy to produce books up to 200
which facilitates remote device management.
• Toner Recycling
sheets (400 pages in duplex mode), and includes
• Promote multi-tasking and minimize time spent at the
• Low Noise Levels
one- or three-edge knife trimming for a clean,
system with high-speed scanning—up to 80 sides-per-
• Minimal Ozone Emissions
attractive finish.
minute—for both black & white and color images.
• Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliant

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