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Owner’s Manual
PR Series
Precision-Regulated DC Power Supplies
1111 W. 35th Street • Chicago, IL 60609 USA
For use in 120V/60 Hz. environments
(773) 869-1234 •
(PR3, PR3UL, PR4.5, PR7, PR10, PR12, PR15, PR20,
PR25, PR30, PR40, PR50, PR60)
Tripp Lite PR series DC power supplies convert standard 120 Volt AC (VAC), 60 Hz. power into
regulated 13.8 Volt DC (VDC) power; (12V DC output, nominal). PR series models are ideal for
powering a wide range of equipment designed to run on 12V DC power, including CB, Ham and
commercial/land-mobile radios, car stereos, amplifiers, and more. PR series models can also be
used as general-purpose test bench power sources.
Important Battery Charging Note: DO NOT use PR series models rated at 12 amps
and lower for battery charging. If you connect a battery to any of these models with the
unit NOT plugged into a live 120 Volt AC outlet or the unit plugged in but turned OFF,
you may burn out the unit because of reverse current flow.
You MAY use PR series models rated at 15 amps and higher for battery charging.
However, the battery must be separately fused with a fuse not greater than the value
of the unit’s nameplate amperage rating. Otherwise, the battery can cause current flow
greater than the unit’s amperage rating back into the unit under certain circumstances
and may burn out the unit.
• Solid-State Integrated Circuit: provides excellent voltage regulation to within ±0.5 V DC; 
output voltage is maintained from 0 to 95% of full load.
• Crowbar Overvoltage Protection: prevents overvoltage surges from damaging connected equipment.
• High Quality Filtering: provides low-noise operation, excellent for sensitive communications
receivers (.05 volts maximum ripple).
• Current-Limiting Electronic Foldback: automatically limits current and voltage outputs in 
case of overload.
• Heavy-Duty Power Transformer: provides complete line isolation.
• Large Heat Sinks and Vented Cabinet: provides cool, continuos operation and long 
component life.
• Common Ground and Battery Minus Bonded: contributes to low-noise operation.

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