Power Macintosh 9600 Manuals

Follow the instructions in this
chapter to set up your computer.
1 Setting Up Your Computer
The illustration on the next page shows all the equipment you will need to set
up your computer and begin using it. (Note that your monitor and keyboard
may look slightly different depending on what you purchased.)
Before following the setup instructions in this chapter, you may want to read
“Arranging Your Office” in Appendix A for tips on adjusting your work
furniture so that you’re comfortable when using the computer.
This chapter describes the basics of setting up your computer: plugging it in;
connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse; and turning it on for the first
time. For information on connecting and installing other equipment, such as
external hard disks, printers, audio equipment, memory, and expansion cards,
see Chapter 7, “Connecting Additional Equipment” and Chapter 8, “Installing
PCI Expansion Cards and Additional Memory,” after you have followed the
instructions in this chapter to set up your computer.

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