PL13-2 Manuals

Installing Batteries
LCD Display
Your Talking Electronic
Install three AA batteries,
Darts requires three AA batter- making sure to match the
ies. To install batteries, care- polarity (+ and -) with the 
ful y open the battery compart- diagram inside the battery
ment located on the bottom of compartment. Press the battery
the front-side of the dartboard. compartment lid back into the
Use your thumbs to press dartboard. It will snap in place
down on both sides of the bat- once it’s properly closed.
tery compartment lid and slide
it down. 
Function of Buttons
CHANGE: Press to confirm the
scroll through the players’ scores;
Figure 7
set up when setting up a game; press
press to review the current game;
to confirm the next player in a game
press to delete the current score list.
The LCD display is divided player’s score or the target
or to begin a new game.
OPTION/HOLD: Press to select a
into three portions; each  number for the current player.
Press to scroll
Double In, Triple In or Normal game
through game and player options
settings. Press to turn the sound on
portion can mean one of the
or followed by a number
when setting up a game; press to
or off. Press to pause during a game. 
following depending on which means the leader’s score for
game is played, as shown on the games Over and Under.
Figure 7.
Pit followed by a number
means it’s the pitcher’s turn. 
bA followed by a number
The A section of the LCD means it’s the batter’s turn in
display is located on the top some games.
center of the LCD display. 
P#F# or t#F# will show
Numbers means the current which player won the game.

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