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APPENDIX B: Non-Interrupt Mode
Appendix B. Non-Interrupt Mode
The Adapter normally uses one of the PC’s Interrupt Request Lines (IRQ) for
optimum performance. However, the Adapter may be configured to operate
without using an IRQ. This non-interrupt mode is valuable for PCs that have no
free IRQs.
Depending on your Adapter Card and PC operating system, you will have different
options for configuring the interrupt mode. For more detailed information, see
the online help.
PC470C, PC471C, AND PC478C
In the Windows 95/98 environment, select the IRQ Mode tab on the Properties
screen on the 5250 adapter in Device Manager and select “No Interrupt Mode.”
For Windows 3.x and Windows NT systems, run the Set IRQ Mode program in the
5250 Card program group/folder.
In the Windows 95/98 environment, select the Resources tab on the Properties
screen on the Adapter in Device Manager and select “Basic Configuration 2” in the
Settings Based On list.
In the Windows 3.x environment, run the PnP Configuration Manager and change
the IRQ definition to “None” for the adapter.
Non-interrupt mode is not available for this Adapter Card.

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