PC478C Manuals

reserve this address space, add the following to your CONFIG.SYS files for the
respective memory manager. If a different memory manager is used, find the
proper syntax for excluding the space required for the Adapter Card.
EMM386 (Microsoft)
device=C:DOSEMM386.EXE X=DC00-DDFF
QEMM386 (Quarterdeck Office Systems)
386MAX or BLUEMAX (Qualitas)
device=C:386MAX386MAX.SYS RAM=DC00-DE00
(RAM parameter may be in 386MAX.PRO profile)
Netroom RM386 (Helix Software)
It is also possible that there is a conflict with shadow memory controlled by your
PC’s CMOS setup. This is common in Windows 3.1 configurations. Reboot and
enter your CMOS setup (typically by pressing a key like <Del>, <F1>, <Esc>, or
<F10>) before your PC’s operating system loads. Then locate the shadow-memory
settings and adjust them to disable shadow memory in the area used by the
Adapter Card.
Another possibility is a conflict with another adapter that uses a large block of
memory space or generates a “MEM16” ISA bus signal when the Adapter Card is
being accessed. Many 16-bit VGA adapters generate this “MEM16” signal requiring
that the Adapter be located outside of the C000-DFFF memory segment. If a
conflict occurs, try moving the Adapter to the EC00 memory segment. The
following methods will allow the Adapter to be relocated with the different
emulation programs.
IBM Enhanced 5250 Emulation
On the command line type <CTRL> <A> and then the first digit of the memory
segment. The following example sets the memory segment at location E.
DP5250 ^AE
IBM Adapter Handler for PC Support
The adapter memory segment, port address, and interrupt level can be set via the
following command-line parameters:
E5250AH  /M x /I yy /L z
where “x” is the first digit of the memory segment C, D, or E; “yy” is the middle two
digits of the adapter port address; and “z” is the interrupt level, 2- 7.

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