PA916-SP Manuals

P o w e r P r o
P o w e r f u l   S o u n d   P r e s e n t a t i o n   S o l u t i o n s ™
The Califone® PowerPro is the ideal system for those who require an easy-to-use, portable
sound reinforcement solution but do not have the budget, technical know-how or time
required to operate a multi-component system. Designed for any kind of venue, the
PowerPro Non-Powered Support Speaker comes with a 1/4” input and can be used either
as a non-powered speaker to accompany the PowerPro (PA-916) or the Wireless
Companion Speaker (PA916-PS), or as a stand alone unit, giving it the flexibility and 
versatility to fit any budget and situation.
The PowerPro Non-Powered Support Speaker comes with a rugged fiberglass-reinforced
polypropylene enclosure and has a rugged powder-coated perforated steel grille and a 
telescoping handle for easy transporting.
Its 10” high-powered woofer is driven by a 40 ounce magnet (the heaviest and most efficient
in its class) and a high-frequency compression driver for optimal audio reproduction. 
• Convenient 1/4” input for quick and easy set up
• Rugged fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene enclosure
• Sturdy all-terrain 3.5” wheels
• 1.5mm powder-coated steel grill for durability
• Telescoping, four-position handle for easy transporting
Its portable size, easy setup, reliability and simple-to-operate control panel make the
PowerPro ideal for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications
Educational Institutions - A practical solution ensuring students can hear vocal and 
prerecorded presentations in assemblies, athletic functions, theater events and many 
more applications.
Government Facilities, Hospitals & Law Enforcement - Require the safety and 
certification the PowerPro delivers as well as meet emergency response requirements
and the portability and versatility of the PowerPro make it a go anywhere sound solution.
Meeting Facilities (Lecture Halls, Presentations, Conferences, etc.) ideal for everything
from an impromptu press conference to the local civic organization meeting.
Athletic Events from practices to game-day the PowerPro is perfect for announcements,
Parks & Recreation Departments and leading cheers. Coupling the PowerPro
Nonpowered Support Speaker with a powered PowerPro PA system makes for a custom
tailored sound reinforcement solution for covering a football field as well as baseball and
soccer games, Dance & Fitness events, races, parades and so much more. 
A/V Multimedia Support - in the classroom, the boardroom or any sales presentation, the
PowerPro delivers clear sound.
Rental Inventories - The PowerPro is the perfect reliable solution for rental houses and single
event users who do not want to invest in either the equipment or the time to learn the gear. 
Houses of Worship - Ideal for services, social functions, internment ceremonies, any 
pre-recorded worship and large indoor or outdoor events.
Califone® International Inc.
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