OptiPlex MTC2 Manuals

Dell™ Dimension™ 4600 Series
Service Tag
CD or DVD drive 
activity light
CD or DVD 
CD or DVD eject button
CD or DVD 
control dial
floppy drive eject button*
floppy drive light*
hard-drive activity light
power light
power button
USB 2.0 connectors (2)
headphone connector
*On computers with an optional floppy drive.
power connector
voltage selection switch
serial connector
parallel connector
integrated video connector**
diagnostic lights (4)
keyboard connector
mouse connector
center/LFE connector*
surround connector*
line-out connector*
line-in connector*
microphone connector*
cover latch
USB 2.0 connectors (6)
network adapter connector
video connector***
PCI card slots (3)
optional sound card connector 
(see the setup diagram)
*On computers with integrated sound.
**On computers with integrated video.
***On computers with a video card.
Model DMC, MTC2
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