Necks N-1.1 Manuals

Issued Nov. 2006  •  Index No. SPEC N-1.1
MIG Welding Accessory
The Right Tool for the Job.
To improve comfort and minimize 
downtime, we offer a wide variety 
of interchangeable necks for greater 
flexibility and better weld puddle 

New polished aluminum armor on all necks 
(excluding flex necks) is 35% thicker than 
previously used brass armor for increased 
durability with no weight penalty.
Bernard neck and components 
for both fixed and rotatable 
Fixed and rotatable necks fit all Q-Guns™ and 
S-Guns™ - from 150 - 600 Amps.
Rotatable necks changeover and rotate without 
Patented large tapered Stay-Tite™ gun connec-
tion improves conductivity 
for better weld qual-
ity, lessens heat to increase operator comfort.
Available in multiple lengths and bends for 
limited access positions and improved operator 
Easily removable for Jump Liner changeover.
All replacement necks (excluding flex necks) 
include the patent pending components required 
to use as either fixed or rotatable.
Stay-Tite™ Technology 
Long-lasting power cable 
compression fittings and necks 
with large tapered gun connections 
combine to form the foundation of 
Bernard® Stay-TiteTM technology. 
This technology ensures optimal 
conductivity to increase weld 
consistency and lessen heat output 
while improving product durability.
Made with
Pride and without
Compromise in the USA
An Illinois Tool Works Company 
Phone: 800-946-2281 (US Only) 708-946-2281 (Outside US)
449 West Corning Road, Box 667 
Fax: 708-946-6726
Beecher, Illinois  60401 USA
For more information, visit us at

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