Mythos STS Manuals

with Built-In Powered Subwoofer
Miraculous Performance, Stunning Elegance
No Compromise Sonic Delight
For music and movie lovers who want audiophile-grade performance and drop-
dead gorgeous looks from their loudspeakers, we offer the new Mythos STS — 
the smaller and more affordable sibling of the Mythos ST, the most critically
acclaimed loudspeaker of 2007 — a speaker that The Perfect Vision magazine
referred to as “Pure magic ... the Definitives will treat you to rare sonic delights 
you may never have experienced before” and Home Theater magazine called 
“a loudspeaker that exudes power and class … the floorstanding loudspeaker 
that I’d recommend you buy.” 
The Mythos STS combines a high-definition mid/high frequency monitor section
with an integrated SuperCube® powered subwoofer for no-compromise sonic 
performance. With the Mythos STS there is no longer a need to find room for 
and run wires to a separate subwoofer to get the full visceral impact from your
favorite music and movies. The STS can do it all.
Exquisite Styling and Build Quality
Like the rest of the award-winning Mythos Series, the STS boasts slim, 
space-efficient, modern design that perfectly complements today’s sleek video 
monitors. In order to make the Mythos STS an aesthetic enhancement for 
any room, we spared no expense or effort on design, fit and finish details. 
The extruded Aluminum enclosure is anodized (both silver and black finishes 
are offered) and hand-polished to a pearlescent sheen. The base is solid granite 
for both greater stability and a richer more elegant look. All of the Mythos STS
styling emanates from a parabolic form, grounded as much in technical 
appropriateness as visual beauty. With emphasis on a narrow, deep column, 
the parabolic theme is repeated in the lines of the cap and granite base. 
There is an unabashed acknowledgement of classic “American Streamline” 
principles in the STS, communicating motion, direction and clean utility. 
Your decorator will be jealous. 
Subwoofer level 
control for precise 
sound tailoring 
Line level LFE input
Gold-plated binding 
“Breathtaking sound quality puts many
post speaker level inputs
higher-priced systems to shame” 
The STS’s granite base
provides stability and 
– The Perfect Vision Magazine 2007 review of the original Mythos ST

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