MX8750 Manuals

The MX8750 Digital Electronic Processor is designed to optimize
Input Type
Two (2): Active balanced
the performance of a wide range of EAW loudspeakers. It is a cost
Input Impedance
18k Ohms
effective, single-rack space, processor with fully controllable
Max.  Input Level
confiuration and signal processing functions.  It is designed for use
Output Type
Eight (8): Active balanced
in single or two channel modes with bi-amplified and tri-amplified
Output Impedance
112 Ohms
loudspeakers along with subwoofers.  The MX8750 has two input
 Max. Output Level
+20 dBu
channels each with eight outputs that can be configured in any
Frequency Response
±.25dB, 20Hz-20kHz
combination of input to output.  Its functions include crossover
Total Harmonic Distortion
<.01% @ 1kHz, +20dBu
filters, parametric equalization, shelving EQ, HP and LP filters, de-
lay, polarity and limiting. The range and quantity of processing
Dynamic Range
.110dB, 2-20kHz, unweighted
finctions assures being able to achieve optimum system perfor-
Output Noise
<-90dBu, unweighted
mance.  Th
e MX8750 is controlled by using EAW software and a
EQ Filters
Windows PC with an RS-232 or midi interface.  There is a full comple-
EQ Filter Type
Parametric Bell and Shelving (6dB/
ment of level and status indicatores plus individual output mutes
oct. & 12dB/oct.)
for setting-up and troubleshooting systems.
EQ Filter Number
6 per input, 5 per output
.25 to 64
EQ  Frequency Resolution
1/24 octave
Level Range
+15/-30dB, 0.1dB increments
- Fully controllable configurations and signal processing func-
Crossover Filters
Crossover Filter Type
Butterworth, Bessell,Linkwitz-Riley
- Digital processing for precise settings
12dB/oct., 18dB/oct., 24dB/oct.
- 6  bands of parametrice EQ on each input, 5 on each output
2 per output
and 7 crossover types ensure optimum performance
- Each EQ band is selectable between full parametric or first and
Frequency Resolution
1/24 octave
second order hi/lo shelving filters
Level Range
+12dB/-infinite, 0.1dB increments
- Active balanced input and outputs with XLR connectors
Limiter Threshold
-20dBu to +20 dBu, 1db increments
Limiter Ratio
1.2;1, 1.5;1, 2;1, 3;1, 4:1, 6;1, 10:1,
20;1, inf:1
The concept of Closed Coupled Electronic ProcessingTM (CCEPTM) is
Limiter Attack
1 ms/dB, 100 ms/dB, 500 ms/dB
central to the EAW design process. EAW engineers integrate elec-
Limiter Release
20 ms/dB, 100 ms/dB. 500 ms/dB
tronic signal processing into the total loudspeaker system but we
recognize that electronics can only improve performance after all
Input Delay
300 msec max., 1 msec increments
other electro-mechanical factors have been optimized.  The MX8750
Output Delay
T20 msec max., 20 us increments
processor is capable of providing complex asymetrical crossovers,
Digital Processing
delay compensation, parametric equalization, LPF ands HPF filter-
A/D converters
24 Bit, 128x oversampling
ing, shelving EQ and limiting.  While all parameters are fully ad-
D/A Converters
24 bit, 128x oversampling
justable, the MX8750 can be configured using factory-determined
settings for a particular loudspeaker system.
Sample rate
DSP Processing
24 Bit, 56 Bit Accumulator,  200
Propagation Delay
1.46 msec
The MX8750 processor is field configured (Close CoupledTM) for a
particular EAW loudspeaker system.  If you have any questions please
contact an authorized EAW sales agent or the factory to be certain
that you have correctly configured the processor to your system.
One Main Street, Whitinsville, MA 01588 • (508) 234 - 6158 • FAX (508) 234 - 8251 • Email [email protected] • Web
EAW products are continually improved. All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. • PUB# 888xxx(A)  MX8750/2 PP Feb2001 • Printed In USA

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