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Quick Start Guide
Mio Modero DMS Keypad
The Mio Modero DMS device family provides a wide range of control capabilities in the 
Note:  To avoid any damage to the electronic component, installation must be 
form of user specified buttons that are functional yet recherché.
performed in an ESD safe environment.
Mio Modero DMS keypads are equipped with an LCD menu display with 8 pushbuttons 
The installation section addresses the mounting and wiring of the Mio Modero DMS. 
for navigation and menu selection.         
After you have completed the installation you must consult Necessary Device Setup.
Rear Components
Menu Up
The rear components of the Mio Modero DMS (FIG. 2) are as follows:    
Menu items
Ethernet Port
Menu select
(Front View)
Board Orientation
Menu Down
This notch coincides
with an indentation in
the back box. The
FIG. 1  
notch is always on the
Mio Modero DMS Device Family
Mio Modero DMS (FG2408-01XX) Specifications
Power 12 VDC / PoE:
Maximum power consumption (PoE):
• 5.5 Watts
3.5 mm
Maximum startup (rush) current (PoE):
• 150 mA @ 50 VDC
Maximum continuous current (PoE):
• 100 mA @ 50 VDC
Maximum power consumption (DC):
• 5.0 Watts
Maximum startup (rush) current (DC):
• 525 mA @ 13.5 VDC
Maximum continuous current (DC):
• 350 mA @ 13.5 VDC
Front Panel Components:
• LCD display
• 8 pushbuttons
Device Removal Notch
This notch coincides with
Rear Panel Connectors:
• Ethernet Port (PoE)
a metal tab on the back box.
• 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-Phoenix (female) connector
The metal tab prevents damage
to installation surfaces.
Dimensions (HWD):
• 4.50 (114.3 mm) x 3.50 (91.4 mm) x 2.88 (73 mm)
FIG. 2  Mio Modero DMS Rear Components
Supported Fonts:
Only True Type Fonts
Connections and Wiring
Weight (range):
• Device - .45 lbs (.20 kg)
• Back box - .20 lbs (.09 kg)
The Mio Modero DMS device is powered either via 12VDC or Power over Ethernet 
Operating Environment:
• Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
(PoE). If both the 12 VDC and PoE power sources are connected, by default the device 
• Storage Temperature: -10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F)
draws power from the 12 VDC. If the 12 VDC source is disconnected, the PoE will 
automatically supplies power after a device reboot.
The Mio Modero DMS is installed in one of two ways:
• 4 screws for hard surface mounting
Note:  Do not connect power to the Mio Modero DMS until the wiring is complete.
• 2 expansion clips for pressure mounting
Available Color Schemes:
Black (BL), White (WH), Beige (BG), Almond (AL), 
Preparing captive wires for the 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-Phoenix connector
Brown (BR), Gray (GR), Ivory (IV), Light Almond (LA), 
Taupe (TP), Gold (GL), Silver (SL)
You will need a wire stripper, and flat-blade screwdriver to prepare and connect the 
captive wires.
Included Accessories:
• 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-Phoenix connector (41-5025)
• Mounting kit (KA2250-01)
Strip 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) of wire insulation off all wires.
Insert each wire into the appropriate opening on the connector according to the 
Dynamic Menu System
wiring diagrams and connector types described in this section.
Using the KeypadBuilder application available for download from www.amx.com, the 
Turn the screws clockwise to secure the wires in the connector. 
Mio Modero DMS is programmed with a Dynamic Menu System (DMS) that is 
Note:  Do not over-torque the screws; doing so can bend the seating pins and damage 
navigated via the 8 pushbuttons and LCD display area. See the KeypadBuilder 
the connector.
Instruction Manual for more information on programming Mio Modero DMS devices.
Using the PSN NetLinx connector for power
The PWR and GND wires from the 12 VDC power supply must be connected to the 
corresponding location on the 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-Phoenix connector (See the 
KeypadBuilder Instruction Manual for an illustration).
Insert the PWR and GND wires on the terminal end of a PSN 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-
Phoenix cable. Match the wiring locations of the +/- on both the power supply 
and the terminal connector.
Tighten the clamp to secure the two wires.
Verify the connection of the 2-pin 3.5 mm mini-Phoenix to the power supply.
Using the Ethernet port for power (PoE)
Connect your CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cable to the port shown in FIG. 2. (See the Mio 
Modero DMS & Mio Modero DMS Pinnacle
 instruction manual for an illustration and 
cable pinouts).
Mounting Procedures
FIG. 3 shows the mounting dimensions for the Mio Modero DMS. Reference these 
measurements when planning and installing the device. Consult the Mio Modero DMS 
& Mio Modero DMS Pinnacle
 instruction manual for other installation methods.

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