Mid-Tower ATX Case m998 Manuals

m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case 
m998 Mid-Tower ATX Case
Named after one of the world’s toughest and most versatile military vehicles, our 
new m998 ATX Mid-Tower PC case will become your ultimate gaming weapon, 
as well as a dynamic multimedia chassis that promises years of digital 
entertainment. Striking a commanding presence with its sleek design and 
durable 1.5mm aluminum construction, the m998 offers 11 drive bays, along 
with front eSATA, Firewire, and USB audio ports. Two powerful yet quiet front and 
rear 120mm fans, plus Ultra’s superior airflow architecture, keep even the most 
heat-intensive components cool and at optimum performance.
This superb new case also features removable panels for easy, tool-free access, 
and Ultra’s exclusive Power Bar power distribution system. Component 
installation and maintenance is a snap, because you can remove all the m988’s 
panels for simple, tool-free access. And you can replace the front 
Firewire/audio/microphone/eSATA bracket with virtually any PCI slot-type 
bracket. Whether you’re a gamer, movie buff, or someone building an extremely 
powerful system – the m998 is the perfect fit. A rugged and versatile warrior 
that’s ultra-sophisticated and military tough.
· Color: Black
· 11 Drive Bay:
   4 - External 5.25" 
   2 - External 3.5”
Removeable Motherboard Tray
   5 - Internal 3.5”
· Material: Aluminum 
· Form Factor:
  - ATX
  - Micro ATX
  - EATX
· Expansion Slots: 7 Standard Slots
· Fan Ports: 
  2 - 120mm
· Fans Included: 
  2 - 120mm   
· Dimensions:
  - Width: 9.45”
  - Height: 18.11" 
  - Depth: 20.47”
· LEDs:
  - Green - Power
  - Orange - Hard Drive Access 
· Switches:
  - Power
Ultra Power Bar
Front Panel I/O
  - Reset
· Front Access USB, Firewire, eSATA and Audio 
m998 ATX Mid-Tower Case 
Part #: ULT40069
UPC#: 022769400693
Weight:  17 lbs.   Dimensions:  20.47x18.11x9.45”

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